Matthew 19:16-30

The Rich Young Man

16 And behold, a man came up to him, saying, “Teacher, what good deed must I do to have eternal life?” 17 And he said to him, “Why do you ask me about what is good? There is only one who is good. If you would enter life, keep the commandments.” 18 He said to him, “Which ones?” And Jesus said, “You shall not murder, You shall not commit adultery, You shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness, 19 Honor your father and mother, and, You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” 20 The young man said to him, “All these I have kept. What do I still lack?” 21 Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.” 22 When the young man heard this he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.

23 And Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly, I say to you, only with difficulty will a rich person enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” 25 When the disciples heard this, they were greatly astonished, saying, “Who then can be saved?” 26 But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” 27 Then Peter said in reply, “See, we have left everything and followed you. What then will we have?” 28 Jesus said to them, “Truly, I say to you, in the new world, when the Son of Man will sit on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or lands, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold and will inherit eternal life. 30 But many who are first will be last, and the last first.

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14 thoughts on “The Essential Jesus-Day 96

  1. If you are placing anything of this world above your relationship with Christ, then you are not seeing the true value you can have. Put Jesus first and foremost in your life and all else will fall into place.

    1. Jesus should always be first and foremost in our lives. He is the great I Am. Praise the Lord.🙌🏻💜🙏🏻✝

  2. Dear Father, help me to hold loosely what you have given me. Help me to be the steward You want me to be. …and please forgive me, a sinner, for putting you up on that cross today…


  3. Heavenly Father,

    Is the pain you suffered watching you Son die still fresh? Was there no other way to redeem mankind? When He said, ‘It is finished!’ did you, O LORD, shout, ‘My Son is coming home!”

    I fall on bended knees saying, ‘Thank you Father for your Son. Thank you for the Savior of mankind. Thank you for calling me, saving me, forgiving me, adopting me.’

    Father, you sacrificed your Son. Your Son laid down his life. What can I do today? What shall I do today? What must I do today?

    May I walk through this day praising your Holy name. May I thank you for each heartbeat, each breath.

    Father, you are my sustainer, my provider, my guide, my companion.

    May I walk humbly before my God this day.

    Now, let’s be going and sowing and weeding and leading the lost to their redeemer.

    All in the name of Jesus Christ,


    1. Beautiful prayer Terry. Every word comes from my heart and soul,as well. Amen.

  4. Father, I love you so much. Help me where I lack. Help me in my unbelief. You have done it before. I know you will do it again. Thank you for everything!

  5. It is hard to turn from the earthly to eternal. But to follow God, we must give up our idols. May we not worship our wealth like the rich young man. God intends to have 1st place in believer’s lives.

  6. Father. Thanks for all your blessings.
    Please Father allow me to share them with ith others.
    In Jesus name.

  7. JESUS knows all of us well. The rich young ruler failed to see that he missed the mark by putting his wealth before GOD. GOD’s standards are perfect & not one of us are able to keep them (not even one) Romans 3:10, 3:23. GOD gave us HIS Laws to show us we couldn’t keep them & to drive us to HIM. Thank you Terry for such a beautiful prayer to our Heavenly FATHER & may we not turn away from the SAVIOR of the world. May we acknowledge our sinfulness & come to the Only SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST for salvation. We not only inherit eternal life but we also receive benefits. To GOD be all glory.

  8. Did I forget to say that putting GOD first is first? (I’m doing it now.) It’s not our money or our possessions. Service to others will happen because of our relationship w/GOD. Thank You Holy Spirit for reminding me. I love YOU LORD because YOU first loved me (1John 4:19)

  9. We have the advantage of knowing the story of the rich young ruler because be have read it many times in God’s Word. Each time that I do read it now, I so want to reach back through the ages and plead with this young ruler to heed the warnings of Jesus. “He went away sorrowful”…such a sad ending.

  10. God is first in our life through our actions and belief. Thank you Lord for your saving grace and mercy over my life. Help my unbelief wherever I fall short and help me to focous on you and what you do for me.

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