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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I need any technical experience?

No! We provide all necessary training for each of our positions. All that is required is a desire to learn and a commitment to serving our Lord.

How often do I serve?

In general, Media Ministry crew members serve anywhere from 1-8 services each month (this includes Wednesday evening and Sunday morning services). Our crew schedules are flexible and can be arranged to match your needs. Most volunteers serve a Sunday and Wednesday every two to three weeks, allowing them to meet with their LifeGroups and worship with their families the rest of the month.

What is the time commitment for each service?

Sunday service call time (your arrival time) is 7:00am and crew members are normally finished by 12:00pm. Wednesday call time is 6:00pm and crew members are normally finished by 8:00pm.

What do I wear?

The Media Ministry's mission is to enable the Gospel to be both seen and heard at CFBC. Because of this, we want to minimize "our" presence behind the scenes. Normal crew attire is black or dark, muted colors. For those positions in our video control room, a sweater or lightweight jacket is recommended due to the cool temperatures the room is kept at.

How do I receive my crew assignments/schedule?

The CFBC Media Ministry uses an online tool called "Planning Center" to schedule all services and special events. Each crew member has their own personal account where they can "block" dates they are not able to serve and "Accept" or "Decline" service requests based on their availability.

Will I work special events on the CFBC campus?

Our media crews provide support not only for weekly services, but also for any special events on the CFBC campus. Special event crews are assigned on a volunteer basis. Approximately four weeks prior to any special event, an e-mail will be sent to all media crew members asking for volunteers to work the event.

How do I volunteer to be a part of the Media Ministry?

Use the "Next Step" link at the top of the Media Ministry website, fill out the online form, and someone from the Media Ministry will contact you to start training.

Media Positions

What positions are available and what do they do?

Camera Operator

CFBC's larger venues are equipped with High Definition cameras, enabling the media crew to create both stunning and inspirational images during worship songs as well as much needed image magnification (IMAG) during the sermons. Camera operators play a vital role in shaping the worship environment and helping all members of the congregation view the Glory of God. Training will include camera operation, focus, framing techniques, camera moves and terminology.

Video Engineer

Because of our dynamic worship environment and our lighting technology, brightness levels, contrast and color balance constantly change throughout service. Since our camera operators are focused on finding the right “shots” to create a powerful worship environment, it is up to the Video Engineer to adjust these levels to create a uniform look across all camera shots. This important position insures that everyone, whether they are in our worship venue, online or later watching on broadcast TV, has an optimal viewing and worship experience.

Lighting Operator

CFBC's worship venues are blessed with amazing, technologically advanced lighting equipment and control desks. By combining this technology with the beautiful worship music provided by our Worship Ministry, we are able to create a unique and powerful worship experience for our passionate church members. The light board operator is a key component of this worship experience. Training will include basic light board operation, design theory and production terminology and workflow.

Spot Light Operator

In addition to our standard and intelligent lighting equipment, another key component in the worship experience at CFBC is the spotlight operator. It is their responsibility to make sure our worship leader or soloist is properly lit for the congregation as well as the cameras and broadcast audience. Even with our high-tech lighting equipment and techniques, sometimes a simple spotlight can deliver a powerful message and help bring God's word sharply in to focus.Operators should not be afraid of heights.

Lyrics & Graphics Operator

It is the job of the CFBC Media Crew to help create a worship experience that is accessible to all. Our lyrics operators play an integral part in this process by providing the words and lyrics our church members need to be able to participate corporately in worship. Additionally, by providing scripture references and key points during the Pastor's sermon, this crew member also helps those learning from the message to gain a better understanding of the message being delivered. Training will include musical timing, creating new slides, and quick editing techniques.


Because of our fluid and sometimes spontaneous service elements, it is vital that our Praise Team, Pastor and others presenting on the CFBC worship stage are kept up to date with any last-minute changes, the order of service and important messages/reminders. Furthermore, the Teleprompter assists the Praise team with difficult song lyrics and timing changes by providing a reminder of each song's flow, key changes and layout. Training will include musical timing, software operation and communication with the Lyrics Operator.

Stage Manager

With so many components coming together in to a powerful and moving church service, it is necessary to have an "on-stage" crew member who can coordinate microphones, special props or furniture moves, keep the Praise team and Pastor on schedule and provide overall support to all of the other Media crew members before, during and after service. This position is an essential part to the successful execution of each service at CFBC.