Brew Crew (Coffee Team)

Brew Crew is our Coffee Team.  They help brew coffee on Sunday mornings, but more importantly, serve coffee and “connect” with everyone who stops by. No experience necessary, just a heart for people, a warm smile, and a friendly, helpful attitude.

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Spiritual Gifts: Hospitality, Serve, Service/Helps
Campus: North Klein

Welcome Team

Welcome guests and members and provide a sense of “Connectedness;” provide a warm, caring, friendly, first impression, to guests and CFBC members as they enter the facility for Worship Services and Bible study classes on Sundays. Prospective volunteers must be cleared and approved by appropriate staff members. Have a good working knowledge of facility lay-out…

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Spiritual Gifts: Compassion, Exhortation, Hospitality, Mercy, Service/Helps
Campus: Champions, Jersey Village, North Klein