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Steven Morris - April 21, 2024

Jesus On Money

Jesus On _____ - NK

Pastor Steven Morris Matthew 04.21.2024

From Series: "Jesus On _____ - NK"

"Jesus On _____" Series Description In an age where social media amplifies every voice, where opinions and perspectives on every subject flood our feeds, it's easy to get lost in the noise. But for those seeking truth and direction, there's only one voice that truly matters: the voice of Jesus. "Jesus On __________: The Only Perspective that Matters" is a sermon series that cuts through the cacophony of today's digital age to focus on the insights and teachings of the Son of God. It's not about what we think, feel, or believe; it's about what Jesus says. We will explore crucial topics through the lens of Jesus' teachings and challenge ourselves to align our perspectives with His eternal wisdom.

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