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Jarrett Stephens - June 9, 2024

No Condemnation

Promise Keeper

In the sermon "No Condemnation," Pastor Jarrett Stephens talks about Romans 8:1 and the promise of no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. He highlights Romans 8 as a key chapter in the Bible, focusing on themes like justification and eternal security. Pastor Jarrett explains that condemnation is not just about our actions but about our sin nature, which we inherited from Adam. He describes our hopelessness without Jesus, who took on our guilt and offers us justification through His sacrifice. The sermon emphasizes the power of living by the Spirit, the need to reject feelings of condemnation, and the assurance of never being separated from God's love.

From Series: "Promise Keeper"

It is estimated by some that there are over 8,000 promises in the Bible. Just think about that! 8,000 promises God has given his people to assure us of his love, faithfulness, and hope when we need it most. Throughout this series, you'll hear from a variety of Champion Forest voices and perspectives on the promises of God. What we’re going to highlight even more than the promise though… is the Promise Keeper! He is the one who keeps his word and is committed to accomplishing his purposes.

Sermon Transcript (PDF)

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