Running into closed doors in your neighborhood? Open your driveway.

The harsh realities of 2020 brought to the surface our great need for community. The absence of others in a year filled with hardship helped many people realize that we cannot do life alone. We, as a people made in the image of the Triune God—who always exists in perfect community—need the presence of others.

This fact was heavy on the hearts of Gary and Joyce Aylor. Gary and Joyce attend Champion Forest. When COVID restrictions eased up in Texas, Joyce searched for a way to connect with her neighbors once again. As she prayed, the Lord brought to her attention that the first week of October has a national “Night Out.” This was the perfect way to engage her neighbors and bring them together.

She got to work and created flyers inviting her neighbors to an hour-long event held in her driveway. Her driveway would be the perfect place for people to finally connect again with the many people they’d been isolating right next to during COVID times. 

The event was simple, but it worked. Most of her neighbors stopped by, said hello, and connected with families on their street. 

Encouraged by the turnout last year, Joyce and Gary asked their neighbors if it was something they’d like to try again. Their neighbors responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes please!” Joyce got to work planning this year’s “Neighborhood Night Out” immediately. She even received word from others who offered to pitch in and help too. A young girl in the neighborhood delivered invitations to everyone on the block, many of the neighborhood ladies brought snacks to share, and another neighbor provided their cornhole set as a friendly activity. Neighborhood kids also brought balls to play with while their parents talked with fellow adults. Because of their intentional preparation, the neighborhood had the opportunity to welcome two new sets of neighbors to the neighborhood.

It is always special when we can see the Holy Spirit moving in His people. It is clear that the Aylors were sensitive to the needs of those around them and acted upon what the Spirit was asking them to do to meet these needs. People are desperate for the joy of community and the hope of the gospel. You can be the answer to this need too.

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