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Go. Love. Serve. Pray. Give.

A Spectacular Outreach

In the most wonderful week of the year, 30,000 people came onto Champion Forest’s campus to watch the magnificent Christmas Spectacular. They were greeted by the newly created Lawn area where they could enjoy food trucks, comfortable seating, and pictures in front of a 30 foot tree. In addition, staff from every Champion Forest campus…

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Dinner of the Brave

A Night of Honor In 2021 when American forces were pulled from Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a special group of people who were suddenly forced to leave their homeland. These locals had worked in cooperation with the U.S. military and were employed by them. Doing their job put them as a target in the…

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Feast of the Nations

An International Friendship Day of Fellowship Amongst mashed potatoes, buttered rolls, and green beans, hundreds of students from International Friendship got to experience the American tradition of Thanksgiving in the Family Life Center. International Friendship is a group that teaches English as a second language to adults through the use of Scripture. They are under…

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Block Party Success

Running into closed doors in your neighborhood? Open your driveway. The harsh realities of 2020 brought to the surface the great need of community. The absence of others for a year of hardship helped many people realize that they cannot do life alone. We are reminded by the reality of the Trinity always existing in…

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Launch Sunday and a Surprise

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations from Texas, to Michigan, to Cameroon.  The call to go is one that has been given to all Christians from Jesus Himself. This invitation to be a part of what the Lord is doing, is the chance to be involved in a story bigger than oneself. When…

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God in the Bush

What do an old man, an escaped criminal, and a Champion Forest trip to Kenya all have in common? They saw the power of God in the bush.

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