Daily Bible Reading (DBR) prepares 1st-5th Graders for what they will learn on Sunday. Your child will discover new and amazing things about God, Jesus and the Bible! Encourage your child to have a journal and write what they learn each day. Set a goal to spend time daily reading the Bible and praying with your child. Or encourage them to do so independently.

April DBR

Easter is Here!
This month’s DBR begins with Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and how Jesus took the punishment for sin. Then we focus on Jesus’ life on earth following His resurrection.

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March DBR

Easter is Coming!
This month’s Daily Bible Reading takes you through the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. We begin begin with The Triumphal Entry and end with The Crucifixion, all leading up to Easter Sunday where we will celebrate the true meaning of Easter – The Resurrection!

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February DBR

What Does The Church Do?
In this month’s Daily Bible Reading, kids will hear about God’s intentional plan for His church.

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January DBR

Good News for Everyone!
In the start of the new year, kids will learn about the best news ever: the good news of Jesus!

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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas (a family advent calendar) begins December 1 and follows along with the Daily Bible Reading calendar you are already familiar with.

Every day read a Bible verse, talk about what you read, and choose a fun activity to do together.

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