Jesus Taught About Giving

Today’s Bible story helps children learn about giving. Jesus taught that when we give, we worship and honor God. In the story of the poor widow, Jesus knew her heart in giving was different from all the others who gave much.

Use these simple steps to guide your family during today’s Life Group time.

Step 1: Print Activity Pages

Print one for each child. This is a great tool to have as you go through the videos. Each download includes the Activity Page for your child and a One Conversation page for you to use with the Bible reference and story.

Step 2: Watch Bible Story Video

Before you press play, sit together and pray. Thank God for this special day to worship and learn about Him. Then, watch the Bible story video together.

3. Read & Discuss The Bible Story Together

Use the Activity Page and One Conversation Page you printed to read and discuss the Bible Story together. Select an activity and talk about how it goes along with the story.



Gather and set out various containers of different sizes, and lids (flat canning lids are ideal.)

  • Demonstrate how to drop the lids into the containers.
  • Listen for the difference in the sounds.
  • Comment to boys and girls the differences in pitch and tone.
  • Talk about the Bible story and how some people dropped many coins that made much noise.
  • Remind the children that Jesus said the woman gave the most because she gave all she had

Gather: A Bible, or another favorite book; purchased toy or homemade binoculars (cardboard tubes, tape)
Do: Make homemade binoculars by taping two tubes side by side.

  • Invite a child to look through the binoculars.
  • Mention that Jesus and His helpers watched people give their offerings.
  • Suggest children look out windows or at specific areas of the classroom.
  • Let children look at the book through their binoculars as you read it aloud.
  • Comment that Jesus taught about giving to God. Say we can give because Jesus loves us.


  • Place a variety of coins in a small bowl beside a muffin pan. Suggest the preschoolers sort the coins in the muffin pan by color, type, or size. Talk about how the coins are similar or different.
  • Talk about the Bible story. Say that even though the woman only gave two coins, Jesus said she gave the most. She gave all she had to God.
  • Encourage preschoolers to talk about any experiences they have giving money at church. Perhaps they have put money in an offering plate or basket or carried an offering envelope to church with their families.
  • Remind the children that Jesus taught His disciples about giving to God.

Kindergarten: COIN TOSS

  • Place a bucket near a wall. Make a tape tossing line several feet from the bucket.
  • Invite a child to toss “coins” (canning lids) into the bucket.
  • As the child tosses, talk about the Bible story. Comment that Jesus saw the woman give two small coins and she gave all she had.
  • After the child has tossed all the “coins,” help him say the Life Point: Jesus taught about giving to God.

1st-5th Grade

Materials: envelopes, fine-line markers, paint pens, foam shapes, glue sticks

Give each kid an envelope. Tell kids to use the art supplies to decorate their envelope to use to collect their offerings to bring to church. Talk about the Bible story as the kids work. Suggest they write the words of Mark 12:44 on the backs to their envelopes to remind them how much the widow gave. Say the Life Point. Tell kids to collect money during the week and bring their offerings next time.

4th-5th Grade: GIVE IT AWAY
Materials: paper, masking tape

In your home, garage, or outside, use masking tape to create one square area for each family member. Wad paper to make a lot of paper balls. Each family member stands in a square. Divide the paper balls between family members. On your signal each family member “gives” the paper balls to the other family members by tossing the balls into the other squares. The goal is to give away all of your balls. After a minute or so, call time. Count the paper balls in each square. Determine which family member has the fewest paper balls. Ask that family member a question about the story. Redistribute the paper balls and play again. Continue until you have reviewed the Bible story. Talk about the Life Point.

4. Missions Emphasis

Watch and talk about the mission video.
Play a memory game by naming items kids might need for a missions journey to a Lesotho village that has no electricity or other modern conveniences. The first player begins: “I think I’ll pack a blanket.” The next player adds: “I think I’ll pack a blanket and a flashlight.” Continue the list until everyone participates or it becomes too lengthy to remember. Encourage kids to pray sentence prayers for the Flora family and the Basotho people.

5. Pray

Ask kids to whisper their prayers to God, telling Him what they thought about during your time together. When kids have finished their prayers, invite them to draw a picture of their prayer. Place the papers in a gift bag. When all prayer pages are gathered, say “Amen.” Place the gift bag in a special place in your home. Encourage children to write or draw prayers to God throughout the week and place in the bag.

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