Pastor Search Process

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Over our church’s nearly 50 year history, three incredible leaders have served in the role of Senior Pastor.

  • Pastor Robin Guess (1970 – 1977)
  • Pastor Damon Shook (1978 – 2005)
  • Pastor David Fleming (2007 – 2019)

Looking back, we can see God’s faithfulness, and know that He has amazing things in store for our future. As we begin the search for our next pastor, we want to make sure you’re up to speed in regards to how the search process is carried out.

Champion Forest Baptist Church has a clearly defined process in our bylaws (5.08):

The Senior Pastor shall be chosen and called by the Members of the Church when a vacancy occurs. The Committee on Committees shall choose eighteen nominees that are reflective of the Church membership to serve on the Pulpit Committee. These men and women shall be faithful in attendance, tithers, Godly believers and involved actively in the Church. The Secretary shall then give notice of a Special Business Meeting and list the names of the nominees at least one week prior to such meeting. The five men and four women nominees receiving the most votes, respectively, will serve on the Pulpit Committee (“Pulpit Committee”).

After the Pulpit Committee is selected by the Voting Members, the Committee on Committees will select a Chairman and Vice-Chairman. The Pulpit Committee will prayerfully seek a Senior Pastor and make the recommendation to the Members of the Church. The Pulpit Committee will give the Members at least one week’s notice of a Special Business Meeting prior to voting on the nominee. The Voting Members shall vote by secret ballot at the Special Business Meeting during the weekend worship services. The Voting Members must elect the Senior Pastor with at least an affirmative vote of 75% of those present and voting.

Our Committee on Committees is currently finalizing the list of 18 names that will be brought before the church for a vote. After the vote, the top 5 men and top 4 women vote-getters will form the “Pulpit Committee”, and begin the search.

Important Dates:

  • November 10, 2019 – 18 Pulpit Committee candidates presented to church
  • November 17, 2019 – CFBC Members vote on candidates

As you know, our mission has not changed, we will continue to run hard toward God’s call to reach the lost, equip the saints for the work of ministry, and share the gospel around the world. Please pray for our committees, for wisdom, guidance, and clarity. Pray that God would be glorified in us as we serve and seek Him!

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The CFBC Food Pantry

We Need Your Help

Our Community Ministry Center, also known as the CMC, has launched! 😀👍

The heart behind the CMC is a desire to love our neighbors well. Will you consider joining the team, by helping us stock up?

Here’s What We Need

Donate a single item or several items from the list below, or purchase the entire list! 🎉 Our pantry is empty, every donation is a huge blessing to our neighbors.

Look for the Carts!

When you get to church, you’ll find shopping carts conveniently located around the Champions Campus to collect donations.

Text any word to (281)729-8271 and a reply will be sent to you with the TWI (This week’s Item). This is an item or items that the pantry needs. Save this number so that each week when you are grocery shopping you can text the number and know what item(s) are needed in the pantry.

Volunteers Needed

For a list of positions at the Community Ministry Center, click here.

A Note from Pastor Stephen

I’m sure many of you have many questions regarding Pastor David’s resignation. This transition may be a surprise to many of us, but it is not a surprise to God.

I want to assure you that we are prayerfully and strategically planning for the bright future God has in store for us.

We are blessed to have the staff and systems in place to ensure ministry effectiveness and efficiency. Our Executive Team will continue their specific role in leading our staff in our day to day operations. We are grateful to have both English and Spanish campus pastors at every location. Our commitment to preaching the Gospel will not waiver.

We will initiate the process of establishing a pulpit search committee as outlined by our bylaws.

As you know, CFBC is unified and focused. We still believe that God is on His throne, that His Word will not return void, and we exist to fulfill the Great Commission and the Great Commandment in our generation. That has been the heartbeat of CFBC consistently for the past 49 years. Our God-given mission continues. In the coming weeks, we will provide updates.

Let’s be reminded of God’s Word from 1 Corinthians 1:9…

God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Global Executive Pastor, CFBC
Lead Pastor, North Klein