The following is an update from the Pastor Search Committee. 
October 15, 2020

On behalf of the nine-member Pastor Search Committee, we want to share with you a brief update on where we are in our process.

From our September 17th, update, we wanted to bring to your attention two items that are worth reiterating:

  1.  Since August 4th, Vanderbloemen, under the direction of the PSC, has moved from candidate identification to actively screening candidates via phone and personal interviews. This part of the search process will continue until God’s man for the Senior Pastor has been selected. Currently, PSC is awaiting Vanderbloemen’s recommendation of potential candidates to be interviewed by PSC. 
  2. The PSC Team is busy formulating key questions that we will want to ask each candidate in the PSC interview processes.  Major input to the Senior Pastor Profile and questions the PSC will be asking to each candidate in the interview processes, includes valuable and insightful information from the survey results provided by you, the congregation, and the CFBC staff. We want to thank you for your participation. 

We are pleased to report to you that both the above tasks have been completed, and the PSC Team has been given Vanderbloemen’s recommendations of potential candidates for the CFBC Senior Pastor.  The PSC Team interview process for these candidates has now begun.

We covet your prayers in the days ahead. We would encourage you to periodically check the website for additional progress reports.  Please view the updated Key Milestones Flow Chart below so you will know exactly how to pray for the PSC.

The PSC Team

245 thoughts on “PSC Update 10.15.2020

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