On November 16, online voting will open for all eligible CFBC members. In order to vote, you must create an account at our Member Portal. Ready to create your account? Visit championforest.org/members

Thank you for staying on mission as we continue to reach people for Christ. The process for selecting our next pastor is well underway, and needs your participation.

CFBC bylaws state that the Committee on Committees will select eighteen nominees:

  • Reflective of the Church membership
  • Faithful in attendance
  • Tithers
  • Godly believers
  • Involved actively in the Church

Once the 18 nominees are selected by the Committee on Committees, the church will vote. [UPDATE: Nominees have been selected, see here for info on each nominee. ] The five men and four women with the highest votes will become our nine-member pastor search committee. Over the past few weeks, the Committee on Committees has prayerfully considered many tremendous leaders as their nominees.

Important Dates

  1. November 10: Nominees posted on the church website and announced in all services.
  2. November 16-20, all eligible CFBC members vote for five men and four women from the list of nominees. 

To be eligible to vote:

  1. Completed the membership covenant (or joined before the membership covenant being instated)
  2. At least 15 years of age
  3. At least 30 days of active membership

To ensure a proper vote, voting for the pastor search committee (also known as a “pulpit committee”) will be done online in our new secure CFBC member portal. All voting members will need to create an account on the CFBC member portal in order to vote. Remember, each individual who desires to vote will need his or her own account.

We realize some members may not have access to the technology necessary to go online. In this case, we will have a voting center set up at each campus.

As you know, the election of our pastor search committee (aka: pulpit committee) will be an important spiritual marker in the life of our church. Please join us in prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom as we move forward in faith and expect God to continue His great work through us in the shadow of each steeple!

To see other posts related to the Pastor Search, please visit championforest.org/updates/pastor-search

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