Don Oprea

I am a native Houstonian; one of six children and an identical twin.  My wife Jackie (also a Houston native) and I have been married for 44 years. We have two children (Tara Tippit and Shane) and six grandchildren. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. I am the Director of Operations for ROI Energy Solutions Inc., Texas. My core strengths and responsibilities are building Customer relationships, building Teaming Partner relationships, and empowering others with responsibility.

In 1979 Jackie and I were looking for a church home when we moved back to Houston from Brenham, Texas; where we started a new life together after I graduated from Texas A&M. Three plus years later we were home sick for Houston and moved back home. My parents lived in Greenwood Forest, so we decided to visit that “large” church down the street called Champion Forest Baptist Church (CFBC). We were not sure what to expect, or if we would even fit in there. 40 years later we are still at CFBC and have been blessed beyond what words can describe. The CFBC church community has been my life and my family’s life for three generations. This is where I learned to trust Christ as my Lord & Savior at the age of 30. Jackie and I had been married for 7 years and attended a weeklong CFBC Crusade at Klein High School. Dr Bailey Smith from Del City Oklahoma was the guest preacher. He spoke about the “wheat and the tares”; a story about being a counterfeit Christian. You can look like, act like, talk like, carry a bible like and pray like a Christian. However, if you have never yielded your life to Jesus, placed your faith & trust in Him as your Lord and Savior you will not be found in the Lambs Book of Life. Revelations Ch 20 says that anyone not found in the Book of Life will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where Satan and the false prophets are. Well, after working on my heart for many years, God had finally got my attention. The next day (Friday) I called Pastor Damon Shook’s office and requested some time alone with him. That afternoon in Damon’s office I prayed to receive Christ. My life has been forever changed. 

I continue to grow in my daily journey with the Lord. Every time I experience God’s faithfulness and blessings in our family, my faith grows. I have experienced God’s faithfulness when things are going well, and when things don’t go as we have planned. I have learned a lot from my Heavenly Father. He is intentional about His personal relationship with me, He provides me grace when I don’t deserve it, He is selfless in His actions, He is others oriented and His Word changes lives. So, as I go about my daily walk with Him, and the ministries I serve in at CFBC, I try to mirror the same i.e. being intentional about relationship building, putting other’s interest above my own, being a grace dispenser, and bringing His Word alive when teaching.  If you want to know who I really am, my character and my heart, I would encourage you connect with anyone in any of the ministries I have had the honor to serve in since being at CFBC. For example,

  • The adults of today who I had the privilege to teach when they were in the 9th and 10th grade; I was in my 30’s.
  • The young married couples’ classes taught while I was in my 40’s.
  • The adult classes I have been teaching in the last 20 years. Currently teaching in the N Klein Joyful Journey Life Group.
  • The 8-10 young married couples we mentored in our home during the week in the past 10 years.
  • The couples Jackie and I connected with while working in the Re-Engage Ministry.
  • The N Klein Blue Crew. If our team did not do our part, we could not have Worship and introduce visitors from the N Klein community about our amazing Heavenly Father and how much He loves them.
  • The 3 & 4-year old’s in N Klein Spanish Ministry and the 4th-5th Grade N Klein VBS.
  • Volunteering and serving on Serve Saturday teams and a Harvey mud out team
  • The N Klein Parking Lot Team
  • The Deacon Ministry Teams since being ordained at CFBC as a young man.

All the above experiences have helped to prepare me for my current CFBC responsibilities as 2019 N Klein Deacon Vice Chairman, 2020 N Klein Deacon Chairman and serving on the CFBC 2020 Active Deacon Membership Committee.

I believe my 40 years’ experience serving at CFBC and my vocational experience managing Engineering, Sales and Operational Teams both add value to the pastor search process and enable me to be a good team player on the pastor search committee. I am humbled to be considered among so many amazing candidates. I love our church and I want God’s best for CFBC. Our Heavenly Father has had His hand of favor on CFBC since its inception. I look forward to His continued favor, blessing and faithfulness. My vision for CFBC is whatever God’s wants for CFBC. Therefore, I am excited for what God has next for CFBC as each of us surrender to His will and purpose. It would be an honor and blessing to continue praying for and participate in who God’s choice is to lead CFBC in this next season.

Some have asked, why do I believe I am a good candidate for the Pulpit Search Committee? I have always said it’s not about me, it’s all about God. Besides, I’m not comfortable at talking about myself. To answer the question, I want to leave you with a quick story. A couple of nights ago I mentioned to my grown daughter that I was one of the final 18 candidates selected to be voted on for the Pulpit Search Committee.  I had never mentioned to her that I was even being considered as a potential candidate. When I told her “I was very surprised, and honored” she quickly and simply responded, “Dad, I’m not surprised”!  I was taken back by her response, and later that night I teared up thinking about it. Why? Along with my wife, my daughter knows what it’s like to be on the other side of me. She has seen me at my best, at my worst, and at my very worst. Yet, she is still convinced and believes in her heart that I would be a great choice to help find the person God has already been preparing to lead CFBC’s future.