Dianne Davenport

Growing up In the Bible Belt, it just felt like the reasonable thing to do.  You know.  You hear the choir sing “Just As I Am” (all four stanzas) and then you find yourself  walking down the aisle of your little church in Nashville. The preacher squeezes your hand, then he ask you if you have asked Jesus into your heart.  You give the correct answer and the next thing you know you’re getting baptized.  Done! 

As a 9 year old girl I thought my spiritual journey was completed. I had met the requirements for Jesus to love me….Little did I know God wanted so much more for me.  As God added to my life, he paved the way for me to go to college, find a good and godly man to marry (of 49 years), then entrusted us with a son and daughter to raise and teach the love of God that he had so mercifully shown us.

Moving to Texas was never on our agenda but after a few job transfers we found ourselves in Houston in the fall of 1987.  Finding a solid, Bible- teaching church was high on our list.  After visiting several churches in the area, we finally felt at home as we entered the doors of Champion Forest Baptist Church.  This church has been our home away from home for at least 30 years.  

God has given me many opportunities to serve him here, but all along his constant reminder to me is this… “I can do nothing on my own.” John 5:30.  With each new ministry I have gained more than I have given.  Teaching small and large home Ladies’ Bible Studies for many years was such a challenge and joy as I studied, learned more and more and then saw lives changed by the power of God’s Word.  I knew, I had done nothing on my own.

I served on CFBC’s finance committee for 3 years which was an absolute challenge. Several years ago I was asked to spearhead a new ministry at CFBC called, M.O.M.S. (Mothers of Many Seasons).  For 6 years it was my delight to pour into young mothers the truths God had taught me as I had finished raising my children.  I knew, I had done nothing on my own.

As God honed my teaching skills he was ready to stretch me even further.  An adult life group class was in need of a teacher.  I was asked to co-teach a co-ed 55 plus class.  It was easier to teach children in VBS or ladies gathered in a living room or stressed out moms around a table…but adults who knew as much and more about the Bible than I did…terror struck my heart.  God’s reminder won out.…“I can do nothing on my own.”

I have been co-teaching that class for over 13 years and with God’s help, the class has grown to 150 members, but I am still leaning on the Lord each and every time I stand to teach.  It is the challenge of my life and it remains one of the greatest joys of my life.   I know, “I can do nothing on my own.”

Our life group consists of all ages, races and backgrounds.  I have learned to love each and everyone without exception.  I think this is the way God set it up. This is what excites me about the journey CFBC is on now.  God is looking for a place, a people…to love HIS people (all ages, races and backgrounds).. that have yet to walk through these doors.  Can we love like Jesus?  That is the question God is putting before me each and everyday and he is being faithful in teaching me “His ways”.

If chosen to serve on the Pastoral Search Committee it would once again be an honor to serve the Lord in this new challenge.  The road ahead for CFBC is already known by God.  I find that comforting. The responsibility of the committee will be to pray, seek out, and quietly listen for God’s direction.  A challenge I would willingly accept with God’s help. 

What value could I contribute to this committee?  Nothing on my own!…But my ministry opportunities all began with an attitude of unworthiness….and God continues to work with that……Why?  He knows ““I can do nothing on my own.” but with Him, “All things are possible”.