Norris Crownover

My name is Norris Crownover, and I am a “greatly blessed servant” of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I am the husband of one wife, Judy, for 57 years.  We have a wonderful family of two daughters plus their families including our four grandchildren.  I have been associated with Southern Baptist Churches my entire life, 81 years.  I was raised from birth in Southern Baptist Churches by parents who were both lifelong Southern Baptists.  I was saved and baptized when I was 6 years old at a Revival Meeting at First Baptist Church, Albany, Texas.  I have joined and been a member of more than 20 Southern Baptist Churches.  I have been a Southern Baptist Deacon for 40 years, having been ordained at CFBC in 1979.

After obtaining a BS Degree in Gas Engineering from Texas A & I University and a MS Degree in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A & M University; I worked for 36 years for Exxon, retiring in 1998.  Exxon was good to me.  I had great assignments in engineering and management all over the World—in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, California, New York, New Jersey, Australia, London UK and Indonesia.  My last assignment was President/CEO of Exxon in Indonesia.  In every one of these work locations my family was able to find a great Southern Baptist Church where we could jump right in and be a servant.  We have consistently believed that we should not just “go to church,” rather we should “GO BE THE CHURCH.”  Our current time here at CFBC is no exception to that belief.

I am currently serving on the Deacon Blue Team (Leader), the Deacon Hospital Visitation Team, and the Deacon Personal Touch Team.  I am the Director of Operations at the new CFBC Community Ministry Center (CMC), and I am privileged to serve as a greeter at the FLC entrance where our great team reaches out in special ways, on Sundays and Wednesdays, to help those with handicap needs with valet parking and personal walkers, wheelchairs and electric carts.  In the past at CFBC I have served as Personnel Committee Chairman, member of Budget and Finance Committee, a member of the choir and participant in the Christmas Spectacular.  I served on the Search Committee for the new CFBC Worship Pastor, Brent Dyer. I served on the Heart to Heart Trailer Park Ministry, Serve Saturday, Gospel Lakes, Harvey Hurricane Mud Out Teams, FAITH teams, Light the Night Teams, and Who’s Your One (neighbor to neighbor ministry).  I am now and have always been–all in– at CFBC.

Presenting the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to those in the shadow of our church that have not heard it, should always be the main focus of CFBC.  Our church does so many internally focused things with excellence, therefore our church is very relevant to our church members.  We are equipping and caring for the saints with excellence.  However, every day, thousands upon thousands of lost people drive by CFBC, and our church has no relevance to any of their lives.  Essentially none of them are “stopping in” to see what goes on here and thus giving us a chance to tell them about the good news of Jesus.  There is a lot of room in our Worship Center every Sunday to seat thousands of new visitors.  There is plenty of water in our Baptistry to baptize thousands of new believers.

I am all about presenting the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to the lost.  Recently I served for 10 years as Chairman of the Board of Child Evangelism Fellowship of East Texas (CEF).  During that 10-year period CEF of East Texas reached more than 1,000,000 elementary age kids with the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.  The CEF Texas Plan of linking together churches and elementary schools (which was developed by the Lord using me) was the cornerstone defined process of our CEF efforts.  CEF USA adopted our Texas Plan for use all across America to reach millions of kids with the Gospel.  

I am a “process” guy.  First you get the process right and well defined, and then you go to work following the steps of the defined process—adjusting those steps, as necessary, along the way.  That is what the newly elected Pastor Search Team will need to do after much time in prayer, seeking the Lord’s guidance.  This team will be looking for a man obviously anointed by God to be a great pastor, a great preacher, and a great leader—one who has tremendous zeal to present the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ to the multitudes of unreached lost people in the shadow of CFBC’s steeple (and around the World)—and, has zeal to make CFBC relevant to those lost people so they will be drawn/led to CFBC so they can hear the Gospel Message.  CFBC’s new Community Ministry Center (CMC) is already beginning to make great progress in helping CFBC become relevant.  Families we have not seen before are coming to CFBC for help and they are all receiving two important things—the physical help they need (school supplies and food), AND they are also receiving the gift of Jesus, the saving gift of the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.  The recent 81 salvations at the CMC during the school supplies outreach attests to the success of this endeavor.  BUT, there is so very much more to do to make CFBC more and more relevant to those around us.  

If I am elected to the Pastor Search Committee—I will be the very best team player I can possibly be, while holding onto focus on CFBC relevance and presenting the Gospel.