Edward Lara

I have been a member of CFBC, since Jersey Village Baptist Church merged with Champion Forest Baptist Church.  In total, I have been a member for 22+ years.  I served as Treasurer prior to the merger, and continue as a member of the Budget and Finance Committee.  I have also served as a director of a Life Group for several years.  In addition, I am currently Chairman of Deacons at CFBCJV.  As far as other activities are concerned, I am in the choir and really enjoy participating in the Christmas Spectacular.

I was saved many years ago, while attending Shreve City Baptist Church, with my wife of 50+ years.  We have been involved in several churches as we have moved around the country. Some of those churches were growing; some were not.  I believe that Champion Forrest represents the best opportunity of any church we have been involved with in spreading the gospel.

I believe in the mission of reaching people within the shadow of our steeple.  There is much to be done in the local area, as well as internationally.

I am currently retired after being in the financial services industry for 40+ years.  I was in sales and management.  As a result, I am familiar with the interview process.  I believe I would be an asset to the committee, using skills that I have acquired over many years.  I consider myself to be a team player, and would work toward consensus, if selected to be a member of this committee. I am married with two children and two grandchildren.