Don Ingvardsen

My name in Don Ingvardsen.  I have been married to my beautiful wife Judy for 37 years and we 2 incredible daughters: Marti, who in a Paramedic in Fort Bend County and Anna who is a Sign Language interpreter throughout the Houston area. I am currently the Quality Assurance Manager for Baker Hughes at the Navigation Facility but am also a product line expert. I have traveled to 35 different countries for work and have lived in Israel and Norway for limited periods of time.  In my career, I have managed a lot of very large projects.  I have my PMP (Project Management Professional) certification and understand the importance of a smoothly functioning team.  

I was raised in church and had what I call a spiritual experience at the age of 12.  However, I felt a continual pull of the Lord on my life and I thought that I was being call to full time ministry.  In fact, I preached my first sermon on my 15th birthday, but later that year, I realized that I had never truly had a salvation experience. I came to faith in Christ as my Lord and Savior at a Dave Stockton rally later in 1970.  I continued to pursue full time Christian ministry, received a degree in Christianity and Speech from Houston Baptist University in 1978. I went to work at Second Baptist Church of Jacinto City as the Associate Pastor in 1978 and I was also licensed to preach during my time there.  However, while attending a Southern Baptist Convention Pastors Conference, God began to move on my life when I realized that all believers, no matter what their vocation, were all supposed to be full time ministers. Some receive their income from their ministry and some don’t.  God needs full time ministers who are doctors, electricians, plumbers, oil field workers, lawyers, whatever your occupation, as a believer, you are still a fulltime minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Judy and I joined CFBC in 1986, and except for a 6 month assignment in Israel in 2012, have been active members.  During our time at CFBC, I have been involved in many different ministries.  Here is a list of some of those activities: ordained and served as a deacon, Choir/Praise team member, Choir President 20+ years, taught  life groups, taught Experiencing God, Production staff/Steering Committee for Christmas Spectacular for 20+ years, Head of construction for Christmas Spectacular 18 years, Back Stage Manager, Chairman of the Worship Pastor Search Committee, Building Committee for the North Klein facility, board member for the Home School support group, member of Certain Call(drama ministry), participated in Mud-outs. 

In my current walk with the Lord, I believe that God is teaching me to examine every experience in my life to find His purpose for allowing me to walk through difficult or pleasant events.  I am coming out of a very difficult physical challenge where I have had a severe headache, 24/7 for 14 months, but through God’s grace and mercy, He led us to the right doctors, the right procedure and almost immediately after surgery, I am headache free, getting ready to return to work. During the struggle with Occipital Neuralgia, I have found a large community of people who are struggling with what is known as “The Suicide Disease”, and we are praying to find a way to help those who are also struggling.  God is also teaching me to be slow to speak and contemplate how our Lord would answer a situation.  In fact, sometimes an answer is not even needed. Some people just need us to truly empathize with them, come along side and walk through the difficult times with them.  

I am excited to see a lot of strong young believers coming into the fellowship of CFBC and the opportunities for multigenerational, multi-ethnical fellowship is refreshing.  We can learn a lot from each other that will strengthen our walk with the Lord.  One of the reasons we came to CFBC was friends who also attended here but through the years, the thing that has kept us here is the ministry opportunities that provide a place to serve, no matter what your spiritual gift.  Also, and probably the most important, is the focus on the truths of God’s Word at CFBC.

I am committed to fervently pray for God to reveal His new Pastor to us, whether as a member of the search committee, or as a church member.  It is humbling, yes sobering, to even be considered for this highly important position in the life of our church knowing that each of our 3 pastors has significantly impacted this ministry, as will our next pastor.