Go therefore and make disciples of all nations from Texas, to Michigan, to Cameroon. 

The call to go is one that has been given to all Christians from Jesus Himself. This invitation to be a part of what the Lord is doing, is the chance to be involved in a story bigger than oneself. When participating in the story of God, you may never know what miraculous report is around the corner. CF Connect partner David Livingston saw the reality of God’s grand story play out on the launch day of his church plant, Treeline Church.

Treeline Church is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the backyard of the University of Michigan. This church is strategically partnered with The Salt Company, a parachurch group which targets college towns for new church plants in order to reach the lost young adults of the area. For many, college is their first time away from home and they are trying to figure out life in a new way. During this pivotal time, many students question faith and wrestle with what they will choose to believe. That is why it is crucial to have active local churches with ministries that fit the needs of young adults planted in college towns. 

While reaching the thousands of lost students who walk the halls of the University of Michigan is a massive goal of Treeline Church, Pastor David saw the beauty of God’s plan unfold differently than expected. While many young adults did attend launch Sunday, one person stood out in the crowd. Her name is Judith. She, like the students, was new to the area and finding her place in Michigan. However, her adjustment was even larger as she, her husband, and two kids had just arrived from Cameroon, Africa. By the grace of God, she ended up on the website of Treeline Church and decided to check it out for herself. 

While listening to the sermon, the Holy Spirit opened the eyes of her heart and revealed to her the gift of salvation. By the end of the message, Judith had found what her heart had always been looking for, a Savior. She accepted Christ and then full of joy, explained to Pastor David how she had never understood what to do with her sins. But for the first time during the message, the Scriptures Pastor David had used, finally outlined the beauty of the gospel for her. She explained this epiphany by saying “Jesus actually takes my sin away. I am totally Forgiven!”

Judith is just one example of the beauty of the gospel taking hold of a person’s heart through the work of Treeline Church. Through the CF Connect program, Champion Forest is able to support church planters doing the work of the ministry like Pastor David and his team. Your support to missions here at Champion Forest ensures that we can continue to launch more Christ-centered churches to fulfill the call to go and make disciples everywhere.