Champion Forest Celebrates Life

This past Sunday, Champion Forest joined in with churches all over the nation to honor Sanctity of Life Sunday. This day has been set aside in commemoration for the distinct uniqueness that it is to be made in the image of God. This day advocates heavily for the protection of the unborn. This year’s Sunday was extra special as it was the first time in 49 years that we could worship in a post-Roe society. 

While the unborn are the traditional focus of Sanctity of Life Sunday, Champion Forest spent the days and weeks around it celebrating all areas of life. This was seen as the service was kicked off by three members of our deaf congregation being baptized. Our deaf congregation, led by Pastor Cesar Torres, has been flourishing lately. Their group has grown in size so much so, that their Sunday service space has been upgraded to the CMC building in order to fit everyone. 

This Sunday also marked the grand opening for the new special needs area. This vision of a greater place to accommodate the needs of all of our congregate members has finally been seen to fruition. Champion Forest’s commitment to celebrating life means making sure that there is a space for everyone to belong on a Sunday morning. Our church family was able to meet the new Director of Special Needs highlighting that this ministry is worth full-time focus. 

Another new area of the church launched two weeks ago: The Grove. It is a Tuesday night young adults gathering led by Pastor Emory Cothen. It meets at 7:30 at the North Klein campus. Their first Tuesday night was met with a massive success of over 100 young adults showing up and finding Christian community. 

After service, the lobby of the church showed that the heart of Sanctity Sunday was still upheld. Our local mission partners of Care Net and H3lpline were able to have informational booths set up. These partners provide support to vulnerable mothers and babies. Through the generous giving and serving of Champion Forest, these groups are able to meet the needs of many women so that they can choose the bold decision for life! And they offer a space to honor those whose stories have gone another way, and show them that the love of Jesus is not out of reach for them. 

In all things, Champion Forest values people. We strive to be a place of care and community to everyone, no matter their gender, race, age, or abilities. We take the image of God seriously here and do all that is in our power to celebrate life! 

If you have experienced the pain of an abortion, H3lpline is a 24/7 national call or text line that will offer help, hope, and healing. Please contact them at 1-866-721-7881.

If you are facing an uncertain pregnancy, please call or text Care Net at (281) 444-8554 for help. 

If you have questions about serving in missions that honor the sanctity of life, please email for more information.