In the most wonderful week of the year, 30,000 people came onto Champion Forest’s campus to watch the magnificent Christmas Spectacular. They were greeted by the newly created Lawn area where they could enjoy food trucks, comfortable seating, and pictures in front of a 30 foot tree. In addition, staff from every Champion Forest campus was represented in a whole church push for a successful show experience. 

Christmas Spectacular was not just an opportunity for people to come and receive but it also was an event to give as well. This was represented through the donation carts by each entrance for CF’s Community Ministry Center (CMC). Guests of the show were asked to bring canned goods that we could bless our neighbors in need with over the holiday season. Our CMC ministry is one that runs year-long in the multipurpose building in order to help feed families in need. Hundreds of salvation occur each year in the CMC when neighbors come looking for food and find the Bread of Life as well. Through the giving during the Christmas Spectacular, over 40 grocery carts were filled with donations that will help keep the CMC running. 

However, the outreach of Christmas Spectacular goes beyond the physical cans of food that will be given out. As one of the greeters noted, many of his friends that he has invited to church before showed up to one of the shows. It was his joy to hold the door for these new guests and to see generations of families that have made the show a holiday tradition. While some people are not willing to sit in a sanctuary on a Sunday morning and hear a sermon, they are willing to come to a jaw dropping show on a Friday night. And drop jaws it did! Christmas Spectacular is one of the greatest highlights of CF’s mission to do all things with excellence. The church invests time, talents, and treasures into outreaches like Christmas Spectacular because it draws in a crowd we can never get otherwise, bonds members of the church together, and most importantly glorifies God. 

Amidst the wonder and awe of the bright lights, acrobatics, live animals, flying actors, and shiny costumes was a greater act happening in the hearts of many audience members. Each show was filled with joy and levity but concluded with the real story of Jesus. Christmas Spectacular is not just put on as a family celebration for the birth of our Savior, it is put on as a proclamation to our neighbors that Jesus is King! 

The hours, days, and months of prior prep work is all done in the name of letting people know just who our God is. He is the King of King and the Lord of Lords. When Jesus came, He fulfilled over 400 prophecies! Jesus was the one they had been waiting for with bated breath. The crowd experiences this anticipation in a microcosm sense when the lights in the auditorium dim, the orchestra plucks their first string, and the stage begins to come to life with a litany of characters. What will happen? What will come next? Where is this all leading up to? The waiting to see where God is in the story in the show is a reflection of what it was like for the Jewish people looking for Christ. When they found Him, it was not as they expected, but He was more spectacular than they ever could have imagined. The reality of Christ became authentic for over 350 people who responded for the first time to the call of Salvation! In addition, thousands heard a gospel presentation that the Lord can continue to use to move in their life. Christmas Spectacular was a fantastic and remarkable week of the blessings of Christ on display for all to see.