Dear Parents,

So we’ve noticed that for the past few months you’ve all been doing something you never dreamed that you’d be doing – staying home 24/7 and teaching your kids, schooling them, in academics. You’ve proved that you can do it! You didn’t have a choice, so you did it, and we celebrate you in doing the hard and unexpected things.

What do you think your kids are going to remember about Spring 2020 when school is out and all is said and done? Wait until Christmas and ask them! While you might remember a pandemic, uncertainty, lock downs and toilet paper shortages, they just might say things like: eating meals as a family for a change, making cookies with Mom, more time together, doing scavenger hunts in our yard, playing board games as a family, laughing a lot, getting a good night’s rest because I wasn’t up late doing homework then getting up early for school the next day.

Maybe for the past few months you’ve been doing something else you never dreamed you’d be doing –being the primary faith trainer of your kids, embedding His words and your faith story in their little lives and hearts… “teaching them diligently to your children as you sit in the house, walk along the way, lie down at night and rise up every morning.” (Deut. 5: 6 – 9). Again, we celebrate you in doing the hard things, and now the expected things.

What do you think your kids are going to remember about you being their KidLife group teacher, or their “faith trainer” during a worldwide pandemic? Our hope is that your one year old remembers you pointing to the sky and saying, “See the bird? God made the birds! Thank you, God.” Our hope is that your three-year-old remembers being pulled up onto your lap for a hug, then opening the Bible together, looking at a picture of Jesus and the children, and hearing you say “Jesus loves children. Jesus loves you.” Our hope is that your Kindergartner remembers pulling a name from a prayer jar each day and praying for that person. Our hope is that your second grader remembers reading the scripture passage out loud during family devotional time. Our hope is that your fifth grader remembers having contests to see who can memorize the most Bible verses for a first prize extra scoop of ice cream.

I’m sure by now many of you have heard the beautiful new song from Elevation Worship featuring Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes – The Blessing.

My heart and my thoughts have become riveted to this one verse —
May His Favor be upon you and a thousand generations,
and your family and your children
and their children, and their children.

Exodus 20:6 speaks of this generational blessing, to a thousand generations. Maybe you’re already a part of a generational blessing because you had wonderful Christian parents or grandparents. If not, maybe you are the start of a generational blessing for your family and your children, and their children and their children. Whew! Big responsibility. You can do the hard and unexpected things, we’ve seen you. You can do the hard and expected things! We believe in you.

And if you’ve been overwhelmed by everything happening on the planet and in your home to date…good news! It’s not too late to start. If the world is still standing a thousand years from now, let your family be blessed and be a blessing in Jesus precious Name.

God is for you. God is with you. You can do it. And we’re still here to help.
The Kids Ministry Team

Stephanie Chase, Kids Minister
Becky Marshall, Preschool Minister
Annette Flores, Special Blessings
Brandy Christoph, Ministry Assistant

North Klein
Allie Kretsinger
Kids Minister

Jersey Village
Stephanie Rogers
Kids Minister

Myrna Arana
Kids Ministry Coordinator

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