Dear ones,
It just occurred to us that Champion Forest started the year with a Vision 2020 sermon series, so in light of this interruption we are now living in, we wondered if we were really on track, or if the Father had a different vision for 2020. I went back to January 5, and listened to Pastor Trammel’s first sermon of the year, entitled, “Your New Reality” from Philippians 2: 1-4. Well, I really only got through the first four minutes to find out everything I needed to know.

Summary from his sermon:

  • We are so grateful for this fresh start, this new beginning. Vision is what you see that you give your life to. We want 2020 vision, we want clarity from God, we want to make sure what we see is from God and what we’re giving our life to glorifies God and honors God and is in alignment with his purpose and plan.
  • Then Pastor Trammel began to recount the mercies of God in the life of our church. (It’s always a profitable thing to recount the mercies and blessings of God. See Isaiah 63:7)
  • Next he spoke about going thru a difficult season and how it catapulted us as a church into a new season of life and ministry, and seeking the Lord about what’s next and where we go from here. He mentioned that the difficult season was not anticipated and caught us by surprise, and threw us in a tailspin of trying to identify where we go from here…and asking God what do you have in store?
  • He concluded with “and we know nothing catches God by surprise.” So we asked God to show us what is next … and by the Providence of God we had the structure in place to stay on mission.
  • Oh wow…all of that in the first four minutes. And does it sound at least a teensy bit relevant to the season we are walking through currently? (Does anyone else think Pastor Trammel may be a prophet?)

So parents and friends, we now encourage you in these things:

  • Look at the little faces sitting across from you at the dinner table. (When you look at your kids do you realize their angels continually behold the face of the Father? Matthew 18:10. Think about that a minute). This is a fresh start. Make sure what you’re giving your life to glorifies and honors God, and is in alignment with His purpose and plan for your family.
  • Recount the mercies of God for your family. Do it together. “It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord.” Psalm 92:1.
  • Use this difficult season that caught us all by surprise, to identify where you go from here and what the Father has in store for your family. Let us make adjustments and corrections, let us not squander this time or these lessons. Let us see where God is at work in our hearts, our kids, our families, and even our Nation…and let us not go back to the way we were before. Let us never be the same again.
  • Ask God to clearly show you what is next, and commit to stay on mission…as a believer, growing deeper in relationship to Christ, and as a parent, being the primary faith discipler of your kids and raising them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Vision 2020? We’re still on track.

Have you in our hearts,
Your CFBC Kids Ministry Team

Stephanie Chase, Kids Minister
Becky Marshall, Preschool Minister
Annette Flores, Special Blessings
Brandy Christoph, Ministry Assistant

North Klein
Allie Kretsinger
Kids Minister

Jersey Village
Stephanie Rogers
Kids Minister

Myrna Arana
Kids Ministry Coordinator

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