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Thinking through Psalm 23 today, the absolute care of a provident Shepherd overwhelmed me. Reading it was like turning on a noise machine and letting it filter out the chaos of the world and leave me with peace…

I shall not want…
He restores my soul…
Surely goodness and mercy will follow me.

It led me to share a lesson already learned, but still pertinent. If you haven’t already hammered out your theology, your belief system, I encourage you to do it now. Know what you believe and why. Base it on the Word of God. Do it with your children. So when trials and testing come, you can stand.

There are painfully-humorous times where the Lord tests my theology…times in which things that I said I believed are put to the test, and what is left standing is not words nor unweighted-beliefs, but only raw honesty revealing my true heart. I only pray in these moments that I am found faithful.

We hammered out our theology years ago, on sunny days, so we wouldn’t have to hammer it out later, in hospital rooms, funeral homes, or jail cells. I desire to have my system of beliefs established so when moments of crisis come, I stand firm on truth, and devote my energy to battling the present tragedy instead of battling God on why the crisis has come.

Early marriage found us to be financially challenged. We remember days we didn’t have two thin dimes to rub together. Therefore, one of the first Truths we came to stand on was, “ALL THAT WE HAVE, WE HAVE BECAUSE GOD HAS GIVEN US.” That wasn’t so hard, because it wasn’t so much. The one possession I had that I deemed “valuable” was a Lenox bud vase I received as a wedding present. The second Truth we came to stand on was, “Children are more valuable than things.” And I reminded myself of both Truths every time I glued the Lenox bud vase back together…so many times it finally refused to hold water or a rosebud any longer.

Years later, we had been blessed. We were no longer living in “early marriage” and we were no longer financially challenged. Now that there was more, could we still stand firm on our beliefs?

Our first test happened when we loaned a dear friend our van. She needed wheels for a few days, and our van had just been sitting in the driveway gathering dust, waiting for our daughter and son-in-law to come pick it up. (We no longer need a van…and they were just beginning to need one.) Less than twenty-four hours had passed when I got the phone call…the van was in a wreck. With an eighteen wheeler. Oh no.

Testing, testing, one, two. Is this thing on?
He gives and takes away. Blessed be His Name.

O.k. it really wasn’t so bad. The eighteen wheeler just clipped the back of the van in a left hand turn. All was well. So the next test happened a few days later upon receiving a phone call from our neighbor telling us our oak tree fell on our house. Testing, Testing. I raised my kids in the porch swing under that old oak tree outside the kitchen window. We waited for the bus there in the mornings; we read together in the afternoons, we took our Easter pictures there every spring. (And when we all five no longer fit in the swing, some of us stood behind it for the picture.) Driving home I wondered what I would find. A tree in my kitchen, a huge hole in my roof, a mess to clean up??? Did we lose the tree, or the homemade Muscadine jelly sitting in my kitchen window, or more?

So, we have said that everything is the Lord’s. Christ is the author and creator of all things, and everything exists to bring Him glory. We own nothing. Everything we have is a gift that he is letting us borrow for an undetermined amount of time. And when He determines there is more glory to be gotten, He is free to do what He pleases, and that makes Him no less good. A house, a tree, a bud vase.

These tests sometime come in seemingly insignificant trials. But if we are faithful in little, he will make us faithful in much, and so theology cannot be reserved for the ‘big’ moments in life. It must permeate all. Life & doctrine are inextricably linked, in every facet of life. Let us remind each other of this, when bigger things are destroyed than possessions or trees. Let us be found faithful…in job losses, illnesses, isolation, pandemics.

The oak tree didn’t actually fall on the house, by the way. It split down the middle and only part of it fell on the house, causing minimal damage. The rest of it missed the van, parked once again in the driveway, by mere inches. The Lord gives, the Lord takes away, blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Levels of Biblical Learning is a document that details all the doctrine/theology we teach in CFBC Kids Ministry. We’d love to share it with you when we get back, to help you formulate yours!

Have you in our hearts,
Becky, for the Kids Ministry Team

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