Isaiah 43:18-19
Remember not the former things, do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?

Hi friends,
How’s it been going this week? Is there light at the end of the tunnel, as Texas lifts the Stay at Home order today? Or does that cause you some anxiety? Are you ready for a five-month summer? Or does THAT cause you some anxiety? (You’re already eight weeks into it!!!)

A topic presented to Children’s Pastors from around the country in a Facebook meeting yesterday was “What is one idea you’d give to moms and dads who are about to lose their minds?” And while that sounded negative to us, because we don’t believe you ARE about to lose your minds, we were pleased at the response of the Children’s pastors who didn’t just give more random ideas, but spoke healing words and basic Truth:

  1. We are graced for this; God knew it was coming. Be available for your kids. Julia Tucker, NextGen Pastor, Transformation Church
  2. You have everything you need in your hands to do everything God has called you to do. You were chosen to parent that child, so do it. Talk to your kids, keep dialog open. Justin Edge, Central Ministry Leader of LifeKids, Life Church
  3. Tag team with your spouse. Mom, call in sick and let Dad be the teacher one day. Find your space. Remember soul care, couple care. John Huber, Family Ministry Pastor, Westside Family
  4. Open your Bible together as a family. Start a new habit. It is not too late to start today. Jana McGruder, Director of Lifeway Kids

There is a wonderful SHORT article that we think everyone should read, entitled “Two Lists Every Family Should be Making Right Now” by Jonathan Williams of Gospel Family Ministries. It encourages us to finish well, and not be the same on the other side of Covid-19 as we were before. Start making your lists this weekend! Here’s a clue – one list is new rhythms you want to keep for your family that you’ve discovered during this season. And the other list is old opportunities you look forward to enjoying again, things that you just may have taken for granted or been too busy for a month or two ago. It’s good stuff! Work on it together, parents and kids, designing a new and improved plan for your family…so that whenever the time comes to finish, we finish well.

Let’s remember He does all things for our good – Romans 8:28
Let’s remember He is making all things new – Revelation 21:5
Let’s keep it simple from here on out – pandemic without pandemonium.

Looking forward with hope,
Your Kids Ministry Teams

Stephanie Chase, Kids Minister
Becky Marshall, Preschool Minister
Annette Flores, Special Blessings
Brandy Christoph, Ministry Assistant

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Allie Kretsinger
Kids Minister

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Kids Ministry Coordinator

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