Daily Bible Reading (DBR) prepares children for what they will learn on Sunday. Your child will discover new and amazing things about God, Jesus and the Bible! Encourage your child to have a journal and write what they learn each day. Set a goal to spend time daily reading the Bible and praying with your child. Or encourage them to do so independently.

He is God

With this month’s Daily Bible Reading kids will go back to basic biblical truths by learning some of the first things God revealed
about Himself through His Word. We will take a close look at God and focus on the truths that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and deserves our complete devotion.

As kids dive into passages from the Book of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus, they will learn how God made and kept promises over and over again to His people. Kids also will be reminded that His plans have been trustworthy since the
beginning of time.

This unit offers the opportunity to introduce kids to God—not a god of this world but the one true God. Share about who God is and then join the Kids Ministry team as we pray that He would draw all children to know Him!

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