Jesus Loved Zacchaeus

Parents, today your child learned that God can help us show love to all people as Jesus did. Many people in town considered Zacchaeus, the tax collector, as the enemy, but Jesus singled him out of the crowd and showed him love.

Guide your child to reach out to someone and form a new relationship. Encourage him to find someone he knows who has few friends. Remind him that God can help him show love to someone he and others might find difficult to love.

Use these simple steps to guide your family during today’s Life Group time.

Step 1: Print Activity Pages

Print one for each child. This is a great tool to have as you go through the videos. Each download includes the Activity Page for your child and a One Conversation page for you to use with the Bible reference and story.

Step 2: Watch Bible Story Video

Before you press play, sit together and pray. Thank God for this special day to worship and learn about Him. Then, watch the Bible story video together.

Preschool Bible Story
1st-5th Grade Bible Story

3. Read & Discuss The Bible Story Together

Use the Activity Page and One Conversation Page you printed to read and discuss the Bible Story together. Select an activity and talk about how it goes along with the story.



One’s & Two’s
Compare Short And Tall
Gather: Kids Activity Page, toys of varying heights.

  • Go over the Kids Activity Page with your child. Discuss the Bible story. Read the Weekly Verse several times aloud, “Love one another as I have loved you. John 13:34.”
  • Place two toys of obviously different heights on the floor in front of you. Challenge your child to tell you which one is the shortest.
  • Provide several additional sets of toys to compare and praise your child for finding the shortest toys.
  • Mention that Zacchaeus was short so he could not see Jesus over the people. Ask: “Do you remember what Zacchaeus did to see Jesus?” (He climbed a tree).

Three’s – PreK
Make A Headband
Gather: Kids Activity Page, construction paper, stapler, scissors, crayons, and glue.

  • Cut two 2-inch-wide paper strips. Cut some heart shapes from another piece of paper.
  • Help your child complete the Kids Activity Page. Repeat the Weekly Verse together a few times (John 13:34). 
  • Invite your child to decorate the paper strips with crayons. He/she may also glue heart shapes on the strips, too.
  • Discuss the Bible story. Share that just like Jesus showed love to Zacchaeus, people can love others like Jesus did. Talk about different ways preschoolers can show love to all people.
  • Print on the strips of paper: I can love others as Jesus did.
  • Staple the ends of your child’s two strips together, making one long strip. Fit the headband on your child’s head, and overlap and staple the other ends to complete the headband.

Showing Love Charades
Gather: Kids Activity Page, Bible, small slips of paper, markers, small bag.

  • Have you child complete the Kids Activity Page. Go over the Weekly Verse together, John 13:34, in your Bible. Remind your child that Jesus taught how God wants us to treat other people.
  • If able, invite other friends or family members to play this game with you and your child. 
  • Lead your child, or group, to name some ways to show love to others. Suggestions may include: give a hug, smile at someone, share a toy, invite someone to church, help and friend, and so forth. As ideas are suggested, write them down on small slips of paper and put in the bag.
  • Have your child take a slip of paper out of the bag and act out the action listed. The other members of the group will try to guess the action. Give everyone a turn.
  • Remind your child that people can love others as Jesus did.

1st-5th Grade

Bible Skills

  • Let kids make a circle from the yarn to create a corral. Instruct the kids to place the cards of the books of the Bible printed side down in the corral.
  • Hold the magnet by the end of the yarn and use that “lasso” to pick up a card by the clip. Read the card aloud. Find the named book in a Bible. Ask your child to tell the name of the book before and after it in the Bible.

  • Call attention to the tape sheet on the wall. Explain that kids will take turns tossing cotton balls onto the sheet to see how high they can get them. Tell kids the cotton balls will stick to the tape to show how high the kids tossed the cotton balls. Give each child three cotton balls.
  • Explain that each child will take a turn tossing her cotton balls, one at a time, onto the tape sheet.
  • Ask kids how tall a tree might need to be for a grown-up to climb it.
  • Ask whether it would need to be taller than the place their cotton balls reached. Mention that the Bible does not tell how tall the tree in today’s Bible story was, but it was tall enough to help a grown-up see over the crowd. Challenge kids to find out why this grown-up climbed a tree.


  • Tell this riddle about today’s Bible story and let kids guess the answer:
  • “I can be tall or short and grow taller. I am always in one spot.” The one who guesses the answer (tree) may give clues for something or someone from the Bible story. Continue until every family member has had a turn giving clues for words in the Bible story. Examples of words to use are Jesus, crowd, happy or house.
  • Remark that God helps people love others whether they are your friends or not. Ask kids who they know that they can show love to this week.
  • Ask where they see people they don’t know well. Talk about ways they can show love to these people. Remind your kids that being kind is always a good choice.

4. Missions Emphasis

  • Mention that some church buildings in Norway are empty or have become cafes or other places of business.
  • Show the video “Norway Needs Jesus,” or review the missions story.
  • Discuss how missionaries are helping Christians in Norway share Jesus with others.
  • Pray that missionaries in Norway will find ways to open the empty churches so that many people who believe and love Jesus will come to worship Him

5. Pray

  • Ask: “What if Jesus had not shown love to Zacchaeus?” Note for kids that God helps people love others, both friends and enemies.
  • Ask God to help us show kindness to both friends and enemies.
  • As you think about God blessing the children, ask Him to help you know how you can bless each of them. Start by praying for of your neighbors.
  • Encourage your kids to show love this week as Jesus did. Pray, asking for God’s help to love all people.