Mary Showed Love to Jesus
Today in KidLife Groups Preschoolers learn that people can choose to show love for Jesus. Mary poured expensive perfume over Jesus’ feet and wiped them with her hair. Jesus knew she was showing love for Him.

1st-5th Grade

Mary Anointed Jesus’ Feet
Today in KidLife Groups 1st-5th Graders learn that people can choose to show love for Jesus and God. Mary showed her love for Jesus by anointing His feet with perfumed oil. What choices does your family make to show love to Jesus and God?

Review the Bible story with your child. Discuss ways that people can show love for Jesus and God. Help your child research Jesus’ words about showing love to God.

Use these simple steps to guide your family during today’s Life Group time.

Step 1: Print Activity Pages

Print one for each child. This is a great tool to have as you go through the videos. Each download includes the Activity Page for your child and a One Conversation page for you to use with the Bible reference and story.

Step 2: Watch Bible Story Video

Before you press play, sit together and pray. Thank God for this special day to worship and learn about Him. Then, watch the Bible story video together.

Preschool Bible Story
1st-5th Grade Bible Story

3. Read & Discuss The Bible Story Together

Use the Activity Page and One Conversation Page you printed to read and discuss the Bible Story together. Select an activity and talk about how it goes along with the story.



One’s & Two’s
Make Cards For Homebound Members
Gather: Kids Activity Page, construction paper, crayons, markers, and stickers.

  • Go over the Activity Page with your child, talk about how we can show love to people. Explain that one way is to make cards to show people you care about them.
  • Give your child a folded (in half) piece of construction paper to decorate.
  • Tell your child that you will give or send his/her cards to people who are sick or who have to stay home during this time. Discuss who all you both can make cards for.
  • Suggest your child decorate the cards with crayons, markers, and stickers.
  • Say: “One way we can show love for Jesus is by loving others.”

Three’s – PreK
Explore Scents
Gather: Kids Activity Page, small baby food jars or spice jars, cotton balls, fragrant oils or perfume (peppermint, lavender, orange), other items with distinct smells (lemons, cinnamon, and so on).

  • Prepare smelling jars by either placing an object or a cotton ball with drops of fragrant oils at the bottom of each jar.
  • Go over the Activity Page with your child. Talk about Mary pouring an expensive bottle of perfume on Jesus’ feet. Discuss how wonderful the room must have smelled.
  • Explore different scents with your child. Invite him/her to smell one jar at a time and see if he/she can guess the scent.
  • Comment that Mary showed love to Jesus as she poured the perfume on His feet. We can also show love for Jesus in different ways. Ask your child how your family could show love for Jesus this week.

Smell Fragrances
Gather: Kids Activity Page, Weekly Verse (John 21:17 “I love You, Jesus”), fragrant items (such as an orange, cinnamon, flowers, lemon, potpourri, extracts on cotton balls), markers or pencils, and small containers.

  • Cut fruits into pieces so can be smelled easily. Place each fragrant item in a container.
  • Help your child complete the Kids Activity Page.
  • Invite your child to smell a variety of fragrant items. Lead child to describe the smells and identify favorites.
  • Discuss the word “perfume” and the Bible story. Remind your child that Mary chose to show love for Jesus.
  • Explain that some people tried to make Mary feel like showing love for Jesus was the wrong thing to do. Remind your child that God allows people to make right and wrong choices and that showing love for Jesus is always the right choice.
  • Open your Bible to the Weekly Verse (John 21:17) and say the verse with your child several times.
  • Pray and ask God to help you and your child make right choices.

1st-5th Grade

Bible Skills
Supplies needed: clothespins, markers, pie tin

  • Form two teams.
  • Give each team one scrambled set of the prepared clothespins and a pie pan.
  • At your signal, the teams will race to see which team is first to attach all 27 New Testament clothespins in order around the rim of the pan. Teams will place the first clothespin (Matthew) at the 12 o’clock position and add the other clothespins.
  • If needed, allow teams to refer to the table of contents in their Bibles

Into Activity
Supplies needed: things that are important to you, piece of jewelry, photos, favorite book. Bag or box.

  • Announce to your children that you want to show them some things that are important to you.
  • One by one, pull the items from a box or bag and tell why each item is valuable to you.
  • Allow your kids to guess which item they think is most valuable to you. Explain which is the most valuable and why.
  • Ask them if they think you would ever give that item away to someone. (No, probably not.) ʹ Mention that since you showed one of your most valuable things, you are wondering what is most valuable to them.
  • Invite kids to tell about their most valuable possessions.
  • Explain that today they will hear about a time when one of Jesus’ friends, Mary, owned something very valuable. Encourage kids to listen and learn what Mary did with her possession.

Supplies needed: 4 plastic cups, and a table tennis ball or bouncy ball.

  • Label the cups
    • when I’m with friends
    • when I’m making media/entertainment choices
    • when I’m angry
    • when I have work to do
  • have your children find and read Deuteronomy 6:5 in their Bibles.
  • Invite them to share what they think the verse means.
  • Explain that God has commanded us to love Him with all of our beings. That means loving Him with all we are and all we have.
  • Place the labeled cups in a cluster in the center of a table. ʹ
  • Distribute table tennis or super bounce balls.
  • At your signal, instruct two to three players to begin bouncing the balls on the table, attempting to land them inside a cup. ʹ Pause the action when a ball lands inside a cup.
  • Prompt the players to read the words on the cup and name ways they can show love to God in that situation.
  • Resume the bouncing game with new players. If your kids like to compete, award 200 points to the player who landed the ball in the cup and 100 points for each appropriate response.
  • Emphasize that people can choose to show love for Jesus and God with their whole beings.

Supplies needed: modeling clay or play dough

  • Remind the group that Mary gave the treasure of her perfumed oil to honor Jesus.
  • Lead kids to think of something that is so important to them it would be difficult to give it up. Allow a few minutes for kids to think. Possible examples include sports, phone, video games, or pets.
  • Distribute modeling clay to each person and invite the kids to create sculptures that represent their most important treasures.
  • Guide kids to tell about their clay creations.
  • Explain that it is OK to have things that are important to us, but nothing should be more important than Jesus.

Read Matthew 6:19-21.

  • Remind kids that Mary did not worry about the value of the oil that she used. She willingly poured it on Jesus’ feet as an act of love.
  • Explain that often making Jesus more important than anything means putting the needs of others before our own. Encourage kids to share ways that they show love to Jesus by serving and helping others.

4. Missions Emphasis

  • Display the “Romania” Photos.
  • Give everyone a pencil and sticky notes. Invite kids to take a prayer walk.
  • Lead kids to the first Romanian photo. Encourage each child to write on a note a brief sentence prayer and attach it to the photo.
  • Repeat the process for each photo. After kids view all photos, lead them to walk back past the photos and retrieve their own sticky notes.
  • Encourage kids to take the notes home and continue to pray for the Roma people.

5. Pray

Thank Jesus for being our most precious gift .
Thank God for our families.
Ask Jesus to show us what he wants us to learn through this study this week