Joseph Loved His Brothers

Today children learn that family members can love and care for one another. When Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt to buy food, they did not recognize him. Joseph cared for his brothers and forgave them for what they had done to him.

Review the Bible story and how Joseph loved and cared for his family. List ways each person in your family loves and cares for one another. Pray and ask God to help members of your family show love to each other.

Use these simple steps to guide your family during today’s Life Group time.

Step 1: Print Activity Pages

Print one for each child. This is a great tool to have as you go through the videos. Each download includes the Activity Page for your child and a One Conversation page for you to use with the Bible reference and story.

Step 2: Watch Bible Story Video

Before you press play, sit together and pray. Thank God for this special day to worship and learn about Him. Then, watch the Bible story video together.

Preschool Bible Story
1st-5th Grade Bible Story

3. Read & Discuss The Bible Story Together

Use the Activity Page and One Conversation Page you printed to read and discuss the Bible Story together. Select an activity and talk about how it goes along with the story.



One’s & Two’s
Scoop Grain Into Paper Bags
Gather: Rice or other grain, scoops, funnels, brown paper bags, large plastic container.

  • Pour the rice or grain into a large container. Show your child how to open the brown bags and set them in the container.
  • Encourage your child to scoop grain into the bags.
  • Explain that Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to get food. State that the grain was placed in the bags for them to carry home.
  • Dump, scoop, and funnel the grain.
  • Remind your child that Joseph forgave his brothers because he loved them. Go over the Bible verse together (Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind to one another”).

Three’s – PreK
Make Mosaic Hearts
Gather: Kids Activity Page, Bible, heavyweight paper, construction paper, glue stick, scissors.

  • Have your child complete the Activity Page.
  • Cut a heart shape for your child from the heavyweight paper. Cut construction paper into small squares and triangles.
  • Suggest your child glue the squares and triangles onto the heart to make designs. Lead child to place shapes close together to cover all the heart.
  • As your child makes his/her mosaic, remark that God wants people to choose to show love. Say that their heart mosaic can remind them to show love to your family members.
  • Open your Bible to Ephesians 4:32. Lead your child to repeat the verse with you several times. Talk about ways you can be kind and show love to others.

Cook And Clean
Gather: Kids Activity Page, Bible, ingredients for a simple meal (you can also use toy pots and pans, and toy cleaning items).

  • Have child complete the Kids Activity Page and discuss it together.
  • Help your child plan for and prepare a simple meal.
  • Talk about the Bible story as your child prepares the meal. Say that Joseph had a dinner for his bothers in his home.
  • Comment that Joseph chose to show love to his brothers and chose not to be mad about what they had done to him. Explain that Joseph forgave his brothers.
  • Encourage your child to talk about how your family gets ready for guests to come over. Ask how he/she shows love to people who visit.
  • Open the Bible and say the weekly verse together (Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind to one another”).

1st-5th Grade

Coat of Many Colors

  • Have kids draw and decorate a coat on a sheet of paper.
  • Give them craft supplies to use if you have any handy.
  • Tell your children to look for ways to serve and bless our family members.

Fast Pass

  • Grab a beanbag, sock, toy, throw pillow. Have family stand in a circle.
  • Have kids pass around object until timer goes off.
  • Set a timer for 30 sec or have oldest member of the family say “Ding!” after counting to 30.
  • Whoever is left holding the object has to share a different way to show love to their family.
  • Play a few rounds for everyone to share.
  • Remind your children that today they will learn someone in our story showed a lot of love to their family.

Share the Care

  • You will need 4 inflated balloons.
  • Have everyone in your family try keeping the balloon in the air and not touching the ground.
  • Toss another balloon into the mix after a little while, toss another balloon. Then toss another while keeping all the balloons from touching the ground the entire time.
  • Let kids know that just like it took everyone to help keep the balloons up, family has to work together to take care of one another.

Memory Verse Review

  • On some index cards print a few words of Psalm 119:14 and place index cards in a bag.
  • Have your child find Psalm 119:14 and read it aloud.
  • Have your child blindfolded, then have the rest of the family give the child directions as they need to put the index cards in order.

4. Missions Emphasis

  • Show the “Mozambique Photos” and remind kids that Sally Hamrick believes that kids can learn about Jesus and tell others about Him.
  • Guide kids to think of things they can do to participate in missions. (pray for missionaries, worship, give offerings)
  • Select one of the ways to participate in missions and on the marker board print one blank for each letter of the word or phrase.
  • Lead kids to take turns guessing letters. Write correct letters in the blanks.
  • Pray for missionaries and Christians in Mozambique who tell the good news of salvation through Jesus to children and adults.

5. Pray

  • Thank God for creating the world and us.
  • Thank God for the Bible and teaching us how to love one another.
  • Help us forgive and love our families like Joseph did.
  • Thank Him for sending Jesus to model how honor our Heavenly Father and care for our families.