One of the greatest privileges a parent has is to train their children to worship. Since we are worshiping from home temporarily, now is the perfect time to begin worship training with your kids in your own home! They are going to “Big Church” now!

Here are some tips to help your family enjoy worshiping together online, beginning this Sunday. These can and should be adjusted depending on the ages and stages of your children.

  • Approach worshiping together in a happy, positive way.
  • Plan and set up your worship environment ahead of time. Give the kids ownership, and let them help! Program the CFBC worship service on the biggest screen, monitor, or tv you have available so everyone can have a front row seat and see the screen. Decide seating arrangements. Are you going to snuggle on the couch or have the kids sit on the floor in front of the tv? Do you need assigned seating to separate certain siblings during the service? ?
  • Practice the songs with Mrs. Beth in the videos on the Kids Ministry Facebook page, so your kids will hear familiar songs during the service and be able to sing along! If you have musical instruments, rain sticks, or bells, let the kids play along during the singing. Or if you have scarves and bandannas , they are fun for waving with the music.
  • Share your expectations ahead of time, whatever they are. Be specific. Tell them we are all going to church together at 10:00 (or 11:30 Spanish) Sunday morning, online. Explain that we will all stand and sing when it’s time to sing (movement during the early part of the service helps children focus during the later part.). We will all pray, when it’s time to pray. We will all listen, when it’s time to listen. We will whisper when we have a question, so Mom and Dad can learn about God, too. (I like to answer spiritual questions immediately, but it’s also okay to say, “I am listening to the pastor now, we can talk about your question after the service.”)
  • Go to the restroom and get a drink BEFORE the service begins.
  • Prepare a special Big Church tote bag for younger children, equipped with quiet things to do, such as colors and coloring pages, play dough, books, a snack, and a water bottle. Allow the Big Church bag ONLY when it’s time to listen, after the sermon begins. Please remember that worship is not sitting still, and children are listening even if it doesn’t look like it.
  • A listening guide for Sunday’s sermon is available online for older kids.
  • Your child learns from your example. Smile a lot. Keep expectations simple and developmentally appropriate. Enjoy sitting next to your most treasured possession, your child, while you worship, even if he wiggles, talks, or forgets the expectations.
  • In the book, Parenting in the Pew, Robbie Castleman says, “By beginning to train your child to worship, you are actually saying to your Father, ‘Daddy, I’d like you to meet my children!’”

Parents, relax! You can do this!
God is with you, God is for you! God wants you to introduce your kids to Him.

Have you in our hearts,
Your Kids Ministry Team

Stephanie Chase, Kids Minister
Becky Marshall, Preschool Minister
Annette Flores, Special Blessings
Brandy Christoph, Ministry Assistant

North Klein
Allie Kretsinger
Kids Minister

Jersey Village
Stephanie Rogers
Kids Minister

Myrna Arana
Kids Ministry Coordinator

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