December 7
{18 Days Until Christmas}

Read Together

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37

Discuss Together

God spoke, and the world was created out of nothingness. Nothing is impossible for God. God placed the sun in the heavens and the moon by night. Nothing is impossible for God. God formed a man out of dust, breathed into his nostrils and the man became alive. Nothing is impossible for God. God shows time after time that there is nothing too hard, nothing too impossible for Him…even sending His Son to earth, as a baby.

Do Together

  • Care for the baby dolls in your home. Give each doll a warm bath, dress, and pretend to feed the baby. Talk about ways Mary cared for baby Jesus. Wonder at the amazing truth that Jesus, the Son of God, was born as a tiny little baby. Look at the tiny little fingers and toes.
  • See how many possible words you can make out of the letters in the word “impossible.” There are over 150!
  • Print today’s verse on a piece of construction paper. Cut it into several pieces to make a puzzle. Ask the children to put the puzzle together to help you learn the verse for today. Say the verse together and talk about what it means.

Pray Together

I pray ________________ will know that nothing is impossible for God. Luke 1:37