December 5
{20 Days Until Christmas}

Read Together

The angel said to her, “You have found favor with God. You are going to be the mother of a son, and you will call him, Jesus.” Luke 1:30-31

Discuss Together

The angel told Mary she would have a baby! This was the good news! God saw Mary’s pure heart and chose Mary to be the mother of baby Jesus. Mary must have been an amazing person!

Do Together

  • Make a Christmas card today to send the good news about Jesus’ birthday to someone you think is amazing. Use construction paper and markers, scrapbooking materials, stamps, crayons, etc., that you have at home. Be creative! Mail your card or deliver it in person! Card ideas can be found at
  • God is looking for hearts to let Him in, so He can do new things every day through you. Talk about some new things God can help you do – be a friend to a new kid at school, pay attention in school, or _______________.

Pray Together

Jesus, I pray _______________ will believe in you. John 14:1b