December 16
{9 Days until Christmas}

Read Together

Suddenly a great army of heaven’s angels appeared with the angel, singing praises to God: “Glory to God in the highest.” Luke 2:13

Discuss Together

Can you imagine a great army of angels, singing praises to God for baby Jesus? The heavens exploded with music everywhere! The angels filled up the air and sang for joy! Some Bibles call the angels, “a multitude of the heavenly host”. A multitude is a large indefinite number. Wonder how many angels were there that night?

Do Together

  • Have a family jam session! Turn on your favorite Christmas music and sing together. Bring in real instruments or make your own with pots and spoons. Sing out and praise Jesus in your living room or take it on the road and head outside with your family band.
  • Sing “Joy to the World” together, to celebrate the happy news of Jesus’ birth. Talk about the words, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” How can your family prepare Him room this December?

Pray Together

I pray ______________ will know that you, God, are wise and powerful and will praise you forever and ever. Daniel 2:20