December 14
{11 Days Until Christmas}

Read Together

But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid! Listen, I bring you glorious news of great joy which is for all the people. Luke 2:10

Discuss Together

On that night in Bethlehem, the shepherds heard the best news the world will ever hear, and they heard it in a wonderful and very surprising way. The angel moved first to calm the shepherds’ fears. Then he announces the good news that results in joy…not just for Mary and Joseph, but for all the people on earth.

Do Together

  • One way we share the glorious news of Christmas is by telling others! Bake and decorate Christmas sugar cookies together! Kids can help cut out and decorate the cookies to give to a neighbor. (This should only be done on a day Mom has an overabundance of Christmas Cheer.) Make a card telling the greatest news of all, “Jesus loves you.” Give the cookies and card to the neighbor. Tell them the greatest Christmas news. Pray for your neighbor.
  • Special people in your life have helped you know more about the great news of Jesus’ love. Write a short Christmas thank you note to – your KidLife Group teacher or pastor. Put a stamp on it and take it to the mailbox.

Pray Together

Jesus, I pray ___________________ will believe and see the glory of God. John 11:40