December 13
{12 Days Until Christmas}

Read Together

Review Luke 2: 8-20 . Open your Bible together .

Discuss Together

Treasure means to keep and value something, to store it away for future use. Ponder, to think about and reflect on. Treasuring and pondering are things we don’t do enough of. They give us time to think about things and let God, the Father, sprinkle His understanding over us. Even in a barn with a newborn baby, and shepherds popping in unexpectedly to interrupt the evening with their tales of armies of angels, Mary took some quiet time to treasure and ponder the day’s events.

Do Together

  • Come to Kids Worship today at 10:00 or 12:15 for a fun Nativity Escape Room.  
  • Have you registered for Christmas ADVENTure (Champions & North Klein) or Joys of Christmas (JV)? Todays the last day to registerChampions, North Klein and Jersey Village!
  • Family Challenge  Christmas Charades: Make a list of Christmas terms and characters. Be sure to include the people, objects and animals at Jesus’ birth. Take turns acting each out  item on your list while others try to guess what it is.