We invite you to partner with CFBC Kids Ministry this Holy Week, to think about Jesus with your children! Below we have provided a devotional, “Celebrating Easter as a Family” and activities to do as a family as we celebrate Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection !

Celebrating Easter as Family

This eight day devotional, beginning Palm Sunday, will provide you a Bible story about Jesus, a simple activity for your family to do together with the Coronavirus limitations in mind, and a Bible verse to celebrate Easter as a family!

Easter Activities

The world celebrates Easter differently than believers. We are celebrating the Son of God who gave His life to forgive our sins and conquered death so we can have a relationship with Him. We’re not against egg hunts and chocolate candy, but we want to remind you to take this opportunity to celebrate Jesus and explain the true meaning of Easter. Here are a few ideas that could become an Easter tradition in your home.

  1. Resurrection Rolls
    Make and bake resurrection rolls as a fun way to share the story of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus with your children.
    Resurrection Roll Recipe
  1. Resurrection Eggs
    Resurrection eggs make it easy to share the biblical Easter story with your little ones in a way they can easily understand. Find all the supplies at once to create your eggs, or send your kids on a scavenger hunt to find the supplies needed around the house.
    Resurrection Eggs Printables
  1. Easter Story Snack Mix
    A sweet treat, great for preschoolers, where every item in the mix represents an important part of the story of Christ and the life of the Christian.
    Easter Story Snack Mix Printable
  1. Resurrection Garden
    A Resurrection Garden can be as simple or elaborate as you wish and is a fave with our Pre-K classes!
    Make a Resurrection Garden
  1. Decorate your house for Easter!
    Cut medium sized Cross shapes out of paper or construction paper. You may paint them with watercolors or decorate them with markers or crayons to make them colorful. Write on the cross the name of someone your family can be praying for. It can be general or specific. Examples: “Children who need food.” or “Ms. Roxanne, who is a nurse.” Attach the paper crosses to a ribbon to make a swag banner to hang on the fireplace mantle or over a doorway. Use curling ribbon (or whatever kind you have available) and tape. This can be a reminder that we have joy in this Easter season, we can celebrate that Jesus is risen, and we need to be praying for others in our community while we stay at home.
  1. Have an Easter parade!
    Decorate your car, make Easter signs to hang on the doors or windows, add streamers! Pile into the car and drive around your neighborhood honking your horn and wishing people “Happy Easter!”