Try this disappearing penny experiment! Then see below for more fun coin games to play today!

Play Coin Games
Before playing coin games, place all coins in a bowl of soapy water and wash each one carefully. Use an old toothbrush or dish washing scrubber to clean each one. Be sure to rinse and dry!
(Note: Coin games are not intended for toddlers)

Roll & Count – The goal is to collect the correct number of coins to equal a dollar. Take turns rolling a die. The numbers on the die correlate to the coin values. The first player to total one dollar wins. For fun, change the winning amount.

  • Penny, 1
  • Nickel, 2
  • Dime, 3
  • Quarter, 4
  • Any coin, 5
  • Lose a Turn, 6

Penny Toss – Toss pennies in bowls/cups. What is the total amount in your bowl/cup

Coin Stacking – How many coins can you stack before they fall? Total the amount of money in your stack.

Coin & Seek – Hide coins around the house or in the backyard. Total the number of coins before hiding. Invite family to find the coins. Each player counts the amount found. Player with highest total wins.

Coin Rubbings – Place coins under a piece of thin white paper. Gently rub crayons on the paper. Coins appear on the paper.

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