Use these activities to teach your children and prepare for Palm Sunday.

Hand print Palm Leaves
Children will have fun celebrating Palm Sunday with paper hand print palm branches. Trace their hand prints, cut them out and glue them onto popsicle sticks, paper tubes, or straws. Play praise music. Dance around your home. Wave palm branches during on-line worship on Sunday.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Invite children to draw a large picture of a donkey on a piece of paper or print one off line. Cut 2 strips of paper, 1 inch wide, for each person in the family. Hang the donkey picture on a wall that is roughly eye level to your children. Blindfold the first child. Give them the donkey tail and gently spin them around three times. Point the blindfolded child towards the donkey and ask him to place the tail on the donkey. Mark the spot where the tail was placed. Once every family member has a turn, the person with the donkey tail closest to the correct position wins.

A Road for Jesus in Your Home
Prepare a “road for Jesus” by spreading jackets/shirts along a pretend path in your home. Take turns trotting or galloping down the road. Use a broom for the donkey. While one family member is taking a turn going down the road pretending to be Jesus, the family can line up beside the road waving palm branches (use hand print palm leaves) shouting, “Hosanna!”

Jesus is Our King song
For Fun sing to the tune Yankee Doodle.
Jesus came into the town
riding on a donkey.
Clap and sing and shout and praise
Jesus is our king.
Jesus Christ is Lord of all, Jesus is our king.
Jesus Christ is Lord of all, Jesus is our king.

Edible Entry
Items Needed
o graham crackers/ saltines
o teddy bear crackers
o green-colored vanilla icing/ peanut butter (Do not use if allergic.)
o fruit roll ups
Wash hands. Children spread icing on graham crackers. Create a road by placing the crackers in a row on a table. Tear fruit roll ups into smaller pieces to create cloaks/garments the people placed on the road. Line both sides of the road with teddy-bear crackers. Pretend one teddy bear cracker is Jesus. Walk Jesus down the road while the family shouts, “Hosanna.”

Preschool Hosanna Hoedown
Play the song below. Sing & dance with your preschooler. Wave your homemade hand print palm leaves. Say, “Hosanna!” means, “Hooray for salvation! It’s coming! It’s here! Salvation! Salvation! Jesus saves us! ”
Hosanna is the bubbling over of a heart that sees hope and joy and salvation on the way and can’t keep it in.

Preschool Printing
Print the word Hosanna on a piece of a paper in large print. Invite your preschooler to collect grass from the yard and place in a bowl. Give your young child plenty of time to search.
(MOM HINT 1: Distractions are natural. This is your child’s way of learning. Be patient. If rocks, bugs, or sand land in the bowl, it is okay. Do not focus on the finished product. Give your child lots of space to learn in the process.)
When the exploration ends, encourage your child to glue the grass on the word “Hosanna.”
(MOM HINT 2: Don’t be discouraged if the grass is glued all over the paper. None of the letters may have grass. It’s okay. Your child is learning through experimenting. Please refrain from doing it for your preschooler and remember to praise your child for working hard.)
Say, “Jesus loves us. Jesus road a donkey to Jerusalem. People waved palm leaves and shouted Hosanna as he rode by. We love Jesus.”