Today is Kindness Day! See below for some ideas to be a giver of kindness today, just like Ms. Stephanie talked about in today’s Bible Reading video!

Kindness Day Activities

  1. The Kind Job Give
    Do at least 1 job for 1 person in your family. Clean their room. Load the dishwasher for mom. Take out the trash for dad.
  2. The Kind Letter Give
    Write a letter or draw a thank you picture for the mail carrier. Leave it in your mailbox. Pray for your mail carrier.
  3. The Neighborhood Give
    Chalk your driveway or sidewalk with kind words or drawings to encourage your neighbors! Leave chalk outside for neighbors to add to your drawing. Take a walk and pray for your neighbors. Don’t forget to look for other prints and messages written by your neighbors.
  4. Share the Kindness
    Video your family acting out the story (Mark 12: 41-44) as a family. You will need disciples, Jesus, rich people and the widow. Share the video with friends and family who don’t know Jesus.

Post on Social Media

Tag or mention us in your posts when you complete an activity so we can see what you’re up to and how you’re showing kindness.

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