Our methods have to change periodically, but the Message (the Gospel) never changes.  I want to offer a few suggestion as we are navigate teaching and leading our life groups through screens.

As you teach, include the members and be interactive as much as possible. For example, when I’m teaching, I would say, “waive at me if you’ve ever read the book of Ruth”. Another way to keep people involved during teaching is to encourage them to type in questions or comments in the Chat function on Zoom and designate another leader to monitor those comments. By doing this, it brings people into the teaching experience and makes them feel included!

Here are 3 Transformational Teaching Tips!

  1. Pray: Like seriously! No matter how much experience you have teaching, you will always need God’s touch and anointing. And that comes from constant and consistent time in prayer. You are teaching God’s Word to His people so pray to Him for His help!
  2. Develop good discussion questions: I know you have a short amount of time but consider using the breakout room function on Zoom to allow for small groups to discuss the questions so they can personalize what has been taught. If you make the groups small enough this could take about 5 min.
  3. Study! I’ve heard it said “the call to teach\preach is a call to prepare” So dig deep into the text. Don’t just read it but study it.

So here are some great online resources to aid in study and prep time:

  1. gotquestions.org This is a great resource that provides answers to countless “what does the Bible say about this or that” questions!
  2. biblestudytools.com This website contains Bible commentaries, concordances, and dictionaries to aid in deep Bible study!
  3. blueletterbible.org has audio & video commentaries, topical indexes, maps, Encyclopedia\Dictionaries, Greek\Hebrew resources, and much more. This website even offers free online classes such as “Counseling God’s way” “Biblical Worldview” and “Christology” to name a few.

But if you’re looking to expand your physical library here our my favorite books that I look at EVERY time I teach.

  1. Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  2. The MacArthur Commentary
  3. ESV Study Bible

So pray, have good questions, and study well and this will take your teaching to another level!

Paul Calcote
Associate Pastor to Young Adults