Champion Forest Student Ministry wants to partner with parents to disciple their students in order to see them follow Jesus for the rest of their lives!

Below are some helpful resources to help you disciple your student well during the current global pandemic.

Establish Rhythms

You’re probably navigating how to help your student do school at home while juggling a million other things. Daily rhythms and routine can be a tremendous help!

  • Daily Bible Reading and Prayer– Join the rest of our church and read a chapter of Mark each day. Find the time that works best for your family to read Scripture and pray together. Find the daily devotionals here!
  • CFSM Daily Bible Reading Discussion– At 3pm each weekday we are jumping on a Zoom call to discuss the daily reading. Make this a part of your daily homeschool routine. This is a great way for your student to connect with the Word and other brothers and sisters. Join us here!
  • Worship on Sundays– This is a weekly rhythm we already have! Even though we might not be able to gather, let’s continue to make it a part of what we do each week. Join us on Sundays at 10am in English and 11:30 in Spanish. Our friends at The Village Church put together some helpful best practices for family worship here! Check them out.
  • Life Groups on Sundays– Our Life Groups are still meeting via Zoom! Be sure your family is connected to life groups during this time
  • Worship On Wednesdays– Join your campus pastor at 6:45 and then the student ministry at 7:15 each week via Facebook live and/or Instagram live.


What a perfect time to listen to some podcasts! Here are some of our favorites:

YouTube Channels

Did you know YouTube is the most popular form of social media for the youngest generation? Let’s follow some solid channels that produce good and Godly content like:

Helpful Articles and Other Resources