Join us for Mark 4 today! Get out your Bible and journal and let’s read God’s Word and allow the Spirit to make us more like Jesus today! If you need a reminder about what the SOAP method is, see below:

  • Scripture: write out all of the words in each verse that stuck out to you the most.
  • Observation: write down several things that you noticed while reading.
  • Application: how can you apply what you read to your life today? The more specific, the better!
  • Prayer: tell God what you are thankful for, confess any sins, and ask Him to give you all that you need to be able to apply His Word to your life!

At 3pm today we gathered on ZOOM! If you missed it, check out this video and join us on our next live gathering as we let the word of God continue to shape us and mold us into more of the image of Jesus! Join us weekdays at 3pm here: