July DBR

Daily Bible Reading (DBR) prepares 1st-5th Graders for what they will learn on Sunday. Your child will discover new and amazing things about God, Jesus and the Bible! Encourage your child to have a journal and write what they learn each day. Set a goal to spend time daily reading the Bible and praying with your child. Or encourage them to do so independently.

God’s Plan for Creation

With so many different creation theories discussed in our society today, it is so important for kids to learn this truth: God created the world from nothing. He has had a plan for the world since before time began. This month’s Daily Bible Reading helps kids learn about that plan.

After kids hear how God created the world, they will hear how sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience. In the time of Noah and his family, people also behaved in evil and sinful ways. Through this well-known Bible story, kids will see that God is in charge of and cares for His creation. The final session of this unit will show that all creation follows God’s plan. When the people attempted to promote their selfish interests, God confused their language and scattered them throughout the earth.

As you read with your child, remember to stress the role of Jesus in creation. The Bible says that Jesus is Lord over all creation. He was there at the beginning of creation, and everything was created by Him and for Him. The Son has always existed, and He holds everything together. (Colossians 1:16-17)

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