Top 3 Reasons We Love Camp


It’s a part of the disciple-making process!

We want all that we do to involve some aspect of discipleship. At camp, students learn what it looks like to follow Jesus for a lifetime.


Our students are fed biblical truth!

From worship to the preaching to the small group times, our students are being fed the truth from God’s Word. Through these different times, students are learning how to study God’s Word, but more than that, how to apply God’s Word to their day to day lives.


It involves a whole lot of fun + fellowship!

We can’t deny the fact that camp is a BLAST. We have a whole lot of fun at camp, and students get to experience this alongside their friends. Every year we see friendships form and strength at camp and it brings our hearts so much joy!

Our Student Ministry staff just released a podcast discussing why we do camp and why we LOVE camp!

Volunteer Spotlight: Keith Siegel

Champion Forest is powered by an army of amazing servant-hearted volunteers.

We had the chance to talk to one of our dedicated volunteer crew members, Keith. Rain or shine, and even in the 100 degree heat, the parking team are out in the lot, helping make your experience a little bit sweeter. Thank you Keith!

So Keith, why did you decide to volunteer for guest services in the parking lot?

KEITH: It’s nice to be out here, and be the first thing a person sees. Helping them park and get out of their car. Just seeing people that you can greet week after week, and make them feel warm and welcome.

How have you seen God work in you as you volunteer for guest services?

KEITH: You know it’s funny you ask because sometimes you see a lot of these folks that are in a hurry, and want to get to the church quickly, or leave soon, it kind of reminds and helps me be patient with people. When I’m driving, I think of how all these people might have things going on in their life, it just reminds me to be patient with them.

Why is guest service so valuable to the church?

KEITH: If we get them through the gate, and we make them feel warm and welcome here, then maybe they’ll continue to come to the church. I feel like that’s what this ministry is about. It’s about making people feel warm and welcome, so they may get to know Jesus better.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about volunteering with guest services?

KEITH: If you wanna help out the church or make yourself feel like you’re a part of something, give serving a try, and don’t be discouraged when it’s not all bells and whistles at first. I promise if you keep serving, you will find your place. Maybe parking services aren’t for you. Maybe driving the golf cart is, perhaps even greeting people at the door, or helping people at the front desk with information. There’s going to be someplace where you’ll be plugged in, and where You’ll feel comfortable. If you really just want to help, trust me, we’ll find a place for you.

If you see our parking lot volunteers, be sure to give them a friendly wave! They love to serve.

If you’d like to know more about serving with guest services, fill out this form and we would love to get you plugged in!