True North Outfitters

True North exists to connect outdoorsmen with the local church and help them make sense out of life through the enjoyment of God’s outdoors.

TruckWhat We Do

Base Camp

Base Camp is a monthly meeting built on the close knit relationships like you find at your favorite hunting/fishing camp. It is a relaxed and comfortable night where the conversation turns to our passions for the outdoors. Each meeting consists of time around the table eating and talking, probably swapping stories followed by a "pro" or "expert" sharing some tips based on that evening's topic.

Field Trips

Field trips are informal excursions afield enjoying the company of other True North Outfitters. It may be an invite from someone with a boat to go fishing or a chance to hunt on someone's lease for waterfowl. Whatever kind of day it is it will be a great one enjoying the outdoors and creating memories with someone we know and someone we've recently met.

Adventure Trips

Adventure Trips are 4-5 day adventures to hunt or fish throughout Texas and North America. These trips consist of a group of outdoorsmen sharing an adventure in the outdoors hunting or fishing together and going to the next level by exploring spiritual applications each day.

Outdoor Expo

Our biggest environment will be an Outdoor Expo – this is a Saturday outdoor expo of epic proportions. There will be booths of outfitters, manufacturers and products for every outdoor sport you can think of. Also on the campus there will be multiple seminars, featuring experts sharing their tips and "secrets" for success in the field. Imagine outdoorsmen from all over our community coming to get the edge on their buddies next season, so don't miss this.

Outfitters Journal

Can't get outdoors at the moment? Browse our blog for a quick fix.