Hurricane Harvey

Champion Forest and friends, you have been incredible through this storm. We sent out over 2,000 volunteers and the love you’ve shown to our community will never be forgotten. This work requires a relentless attitude and that’s exactly what we’ve seen from you. Thank YOU for your time, your sweat, and your dedication to make a difference. God bless you!


Champion Forest, along with our friends at the SBTC Disaster Relief, will continue to work until there’s no homes left to help. Our friends, the professionals at The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention will be coordinating the work from now on.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER, please arrive at the Multi-Purpose Building at the Champions Campus at 8:00am each day, Monday-Saturday. The SBTC will make sure you have gone through their training, and then launch you out to a site to work.

Contact Numbers for the SBTC:

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