Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Serving Opportunities

Serving opportunities still exist for individuals or groups wanting to help Houston homeowners rebuild after Hurricane Harvey.  Champion Forest Baptist Church is partnering with Mission Centers of Houston to mobilize teams for service.  Multiple volunteer opportunities are available including light construction, painting, cleanup, and debris removal.  For a complete listing or more information email Jim Ward at


THANK YOU CHAMPION FOREST! Since Hurricane Harvey came to town we have seen our city come together in amazing ways with neighbor helping neighbor, as well as complete strangers working side by side to weather the storm.  We have also seen the love of Christ poured out all over our community through the hard work, generous giving, and ongoing prayers by all who have taken part in the relief efforts at Champion Forest Baptist Church.  Thank you for your help on behalf of all those who were affected by the storms.

Our relief efforts are continuing at CFBC in a variety of ways.  Since they took over coordinating the work, they have cleared an additional 250 homes, assessed another 335, have 61 projects underway, and have had 49 people accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

We would also like to provide all those affected by the storm with this link to some helpful resources related to disaster relief cleanup and assistance:  ReadyHarris Recovery Guide

Please know we continue to pray for our community and are willing to serve anyway we can.

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