Flourish Series Launch

We’re almost halfway there!

This past Sunday, February 3rd was a momentous day! As we near the midway mark of our 2-year Multiply Generosity Initiative, we are thankful for all God has done in us and through us.

We have been praying boldly about what God wants for us in the coming year. He has been inspiring, encouraging, and challenging us all year long, but just like with Abraham, God did not bless us so we could keep that blessing to ourselves; He blessed us so we could extend and multiply that blessing to others. Therefore, we must continue to ask God what he has next for us. 

Over the next five weeks, let’s open God’s word and our hearts as we journey through the book of Acts. We encourage everyone to bring their booklets that you recevied on Sunday and to take notes each week. Our prayer is that the seed of faith that has begun in each of us will flourish like never before!

Key Dates:

  • February 3rd – 5-Week Sermon Series “Flourish” begins.
  • March 3rd – Commitment Sunday
  • March 31st – Anniversary Give, One-Year Mark of Multiply
Want to download digital versions of the Flourish Booklet or the One-Year Commitment Card? Click on the links below…

Multiply Conversations | Conroe

Today’s video is all about Conroe! From our original Conroe location at La Iglesia Del Buen Pastor, to now currently at C3, and looking ahead to the Kroger. God has paved the way for us to make a huge impact in English and Spanish! Our Conroe campus has immeasurable potential and we can’t wait to see what God will do.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
Chris Smartt, Campus Pastor (English)
Esteban Vazquez, Campus Pastor (Spanish)

Multiply Conversations | Multi-Site

*UPDATE – Due to weather concerns, the North Klein groundbreaking is being postponed.

Today’s conversation is all about Champion Forest’s Multi-site strategy. Almost 5 years ago we became “One church in two locations” with the launch of our then North Campus (now North Klein). CFBC is now one church in four locations and God is blessing this efficient strategy of spreading the gospel in our Jerusalem, Northwest Houston.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
Dr. Stephen Trammell, Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor at North Klein

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Multiply Conversations | Missions

Champion Forest has a powerful history of commitment toward missions. Reaching our community, nation, and the world for Christ is at the core of everything we do. Today’s conversation is all about the missions component of Multiply and where we sense God calling us to next at CFBC.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
Jeff Skipper, Mobilization Pastor
Joey Mouton, Community Ministry Pastor

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Multiply Conversations | Overview

What an exciting time in the history of our church! With all that is happening we thought it would be helpful to host discussions about different elements related to the Multiply Initiative. Today’s session covers an overview of the initiative as well as diving in the primary and secondary goals God has for us in this season.

Dr. David Fleming, Senior Pastor
Dr. Stephen Trammell, Executive Pastor and Lead Pastor at North Klein

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Welcome to Multiply

Multiply at Champion Forest Baptist Church is about God multiplying what He has supplied to Champion Forest Baptist Church for nearly 50 years. Multiply is also about our belief and desire for the limitless possibilities of what God can and will do when we let Him multiply what He has already supplied.

Be sure to check back here for updates!