We want to make sure you are well informed on this amazing initiative. We also want you to participate with confidence over the next two years! For that reason, we have prepared a list of FAQs to help you navigate.

  • What are you asking me to do?

    First, we are asking you to pray and seek the Lord during the Multiply initiative. Make a commitment to attend a worship service and a Life Group each week of the six-week Multiply initiative, and use this Multiply Booklet as you seek God’s direction. Talk with your spouse, your family, or others about what God is saying to you and about what your involvement will mean for this next exciting season of your life.

    And yes, we are asking that you join us in making a sacrificial commitment to gospel-centered generosity – whatever it is that God leads you to do, follow His leading. The primary goal of Multiply is 100% engagement of our entire church family, and that includes you!

    Finally, we ask that you prepare to be amazed. We serve an awesome God and He is going to move in huge ways. We anticipate an unprecedented impact from our collective Multiply commitments – something only God can do. Mark your calendar for Commitment Sunday, March 4, and prepare to experience a life-changing event that will forever be remembered as a defining moment for our church and for each of us.

  • How does Multiply change my giving to missions, the general fund, and other special offerings?

    During this two-year initiative, we are focusing all of our efforts and resources toward accomplishing the God-given vision of Multiply. Multiply is a comprehensive initiative that includes ALL of our ministries, multi-site and missions in one fund. That means that all of our giving to Champion Forest Baptist Church for the next two years will be directed to the Multiply initiative. Our Budget and Finance Team will ensure that ministry and mission needs are resourced according to our church’s priorities. There will still be a church-approved budget each year during Multiply. That will enable each of us to focus on giving generously FROM our hearts and not just FOR individual needs or projects along the way. There is power and greater impact when we are strategic and focused.

  • Are there additional ways that I can give more towards Multiply?

    Be creative as you explore ways you and your family can give towards Multiply. You might have stocks, property, personal possessions or other items of that nature. Or you may have some stored resources that God has blessed you with in the past that he just might be calling you to give out of during this time. Contact Lee Harn and our Finance Team at lharn@cfbc.org if you need assistance with gifts of property or stock, and we would be happy to help.

  • Why should I complete and submit a Multiply Commitment Card?

    We commit to many things, from our marriage to a mortgage, even to a membership at the local gym. We wouldn’t get very far in life without a willingness to commit ourselves. Commitment also is central to our faith and at the very heart of following Jesus. We make a commitment to Him, and He expects us to be committed to His Body, the Church. Our church needs to know of our individual commitments so that it knows what it has to work with and can plan and proceed accordingly. God grows us and shapes us according to our priorities and through the commitments we make to Him. So we invite you to take this powerful, life-changing discipleship step by joining us with your two-year Multiply generosity commitment.

  • How long is my commitment?

    Multiply is a two-year initiative, so our commitments are for two years, beginning in March of 2018. Our first opportunity to give to Multiply will be on Sunday, March 25, 2018 with our “First Big Give” day. Also on that Sunday, we will announce the total of all commitments to Multiply as we give our very best gifts to begin the two-year initiative and this exciting time in the life of our church.

  • What if I'm not a member of CFBC?

    These are exciting days at CFBC and will no doubt be remembered for years to come. You are here and we would love for you to go with us on this amazing journey of faith. If you watch and wait, you won’t be able to truly share in the joy of this season or experience all God has for you. We believe God brought you here, and we want you to be a part of all God is doing at CFBC. We need you on the team, and this is a perfect time for you to put a stake in the ground and make CFBC your church.

  • What if I've never given, or don't regularly give, to CFBC?

    This would be a great time to start! The primary goal of Multiply is 100% engagement of everyone at CFBC, and that includes you. We are praying this will be a disciple-making, faith-building, life-changing experience in our church and in your own heart and life. To get anywhere, you must start somewhere; and Multiply is a great place to start your giving adventure.

  • What if I'm not in a good place or position to give to Multiply right now?

    The reality is, there will never be a “better time” to begin the faith journey, or to take the next step in giving to the Lord, than right now. God calls us to action in times of hardship as much as He does in times of abundance. Multiply is about a heart change - one that is only accomplished by surrendering our lives completely over to God in every area, including the area of giving. Believe God, walk in obedience and trust Him to provide as you sacrifice and work towards fulfilling your commitment.

  • What if I am severely in debt right now? Am I still supposed to give?

    If you are currently seeking to pay off debt right now, we commend you for making progress on that. And you should continue to do so. We would be happy to help you in this journey and/or to recommend a budgeting class that might minister to you. Being in debt does not, however, exclude you from this journey. Giving isn't about what God wants from you; rather, it's about what God wants for you. So it should be our joy and privilege to give at all times. Please contact us if you need assistance with this or if you would like to speak with a budgeting counselor, and we would be honored to help.

  • What if my circumstances change during the Multiply initiative?

    A commitment to the Lord and to Multiply is an important step of faith. We shouldn’t make any commit-ment without prayerfully seeking the Lord. However, since none of us know the future, faith is required. A change in our circumstances will be no surprise to God. Of course, your commitment to Multiply is volun-tary and non-binding, but enter this exciting phase of your journey totally committed with faith and not fear, God is able!

  • What is this really about?

    Giving is the fruit, not the root. Again, Multiply isn't about what God wants from you; rather, it's about what God wants for you. God wants to do a great work in your heart. Your commitment to the Lord and to Multiply will impact far more than your finances, it may very well be the turning point in your life and on your faith journey, as you walk with Jesus and make an eternal impact on your world for Him.