Women of Faith Presents:


September 9, 2017 | 10:00am

Champion Forest Baptist Church

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Get together with your girlfriends for an experience filled with laughter, storytelling, and wisdom. Learn creative tools for celebrating the art of friendship and nurturing lasting relationships.

You long for fun, healthy, inspiring friendships that will enrich your life. We all do. When unexpected things come your way, you need the support of a great group of friends. Patsy Clairmont, Anita Renfroe and Jan Silvious understand. When they found themselves walking together through painful places on their journey, they discovered a new canvas for creating what friendship was meant to be.

Now they are sharing and celebrating the art of friendship with big doses of laughter, storytelling, and lessons learned along the way. Join them!


SistersJan, a life coach, offers wisdom for building healthy relationships. Patsy, a storyteller, reveals the creativity God infused in our design for holy purposes. Anita—with her colorful palette of humor and music—adds splashes of laughter to the evening. These three know women crave relationships that are inspiring; they can’t wait to share their friendship story and insights with you. They’re eager to share their friendship story and creative insights with you.

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