Life Groups

Life Groups at Champion Forest are a place for 6-12th grade youth to connect with each other and connect with God! Every Sunday Morning, we desire to provide an energetic, positive, and warm atmosphere within each Life Group. There, they will learn who they are in Christ, grow in their knowledge of the Bible and go out into the world as disciples of Jesus Christ. We invite you to join us for Life Groups every Sunday.

If it is your first time with us we are so excited you’re coming for Life Groups. When you walk in the front door you will see our information desk. Please stop here so we can help you get to the right place.


Life Groups start at 10:55am every Sunday morning at the Champions campus.

6th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.125
Wolff, Enright SB.125.1
Stewart SB.125.2
Myers SB.125.3
Wolff, Rabalais SB.125.5
Stewart SB.125.6
Enright, Jasper SB.125.7

7th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.150
Rabalias, Wade SB.150.1
Ruddick, Hammonds SB.150.2
Vorhies SB.150.3
Rychlick SB.150.5
Chrisman, Hammonds SB.150.6
Wilson, Ruddick SB.150.7

8th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.175
Brunson SB.175.2
Young, Hunt SB.175.3
Chrisman SB.175.4
Thompson, Frizzell SB.175.5
Parker SB.175.6
Winn SB.175.7

9th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.225
Frueh SB.225.1
Zuercher SB.225.2
Schmidt SB.225.3
Tadrzak, Van Fleet SB.225.4
Law SB.225.5
Cuyler SB.225.7

10th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.250
Wright SB.250.1
Coxon SB.250.2
Brown SB.250.3
Barrett SB.250.4
Terry SB.250.5
Turner SB.250.6
Burgess SB.250.7

11th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.275
Parson SB.275.2
Cook SB.275.3
Bailes SB.275.5
Carpenter, McDonald SB.275.6
Pierce, Lonon SB.275.7
Barnes SB.275.8

12th Grade

Teachers Rooms - SB.200
Taylor SB.200.2
Roberts SB.200.3
Tomberlin SB.200.4
Lebeau SB.200.5
Lucadou SB.200.6
Edmunds SB.200.7

North Klein

Life Groups start at 10:00am every Sunday morning at the North Klein campus.

6th-8th Grade Boys

Teachers Location
Ligon, Uehlinger Student Arena

6th-8th Grade Girls

Teachers Location
Theiss, Mouton Student Arena

9th Grade

Teachers Location
Rogers Student Arena

10th Grade

Teachers Location
Edmonds Student Arena

11th Grade

Teachers Location
Tomberlin Student Arena

12th Grade

Teachers Location
Miller Student Arena