Senior Recognition Day

June 2, 2019

Procession Schedule

Champions (English) 9:30am Worship Center - Meet in Senior Department (Student Building Room 200) @ 8:30am
Champions (Spanish) 11:00am Worship Center- Meet down front in Worship Center in section reserved for seniors immediately after English service
North Klein 11:00am Worship Service - Meet in the North Klein Student Building at 10 am
C3/Conroe (English) 10:30am Worship Service - Meet in Student Area @ 10am
C3/Conroe (Bilingual) 12:30pm Worship Service - Meet in Student Area @ noon
Jersey Village 10:55am Worship Service - Meet in life group @ 9:30am


Champions After worship on the Champions Campus, graduates and their families are invited to an informal reception in the Student Building (Lodge) from 11am to 1pm for pictures and light refreshments. Please RSVP here.
North Klein Graduates and their families are invited to a luncheon in their honor immediately following the service in the North Klein Student Building. Please RSVP here.
C3/Conroe TBD
Jersey Village TBD

Senior Photos

Seniors will also be recognized in a special worship folder. For your convenience we have created a link for you to upload a head shot photo for the worship folder as well as the three history photos for the Reception Slide Show. Remember to label your photos, last name/first name, and indicate which one is for the worship folder. For the Reception Slide Show, most students submit a baby picture, a growing up picture, and a senior picture.

Photo Requirements

Very Important, Please Read!

  • The photo for the worship folder needs to be a headshot.
  • Photos should be high-resolution for use with the worship folder and the large projection screens.
  • Photo file names should reflect the Senior's last name, then first name, as well as what the photo is for. (Tip: Use a desktop computer, not your phone.) Examples...
    • doe-john-worshipfolder.jpg
    • doe-john-baby.jpg
    • doe-john-growing.jpg
    • doe-john-senior.jpg
  • Only submit photo formats. Do not submit Publisher(.pub), Word(.doc/.docx), or PowerPoint(.ptt) files.
  • Please do not submit photos with any type of "Proof" watermark or overlay.

Upload Instructions

UPDATE: Photo Upload is now closed. (Posted May 7, 2019).

Important Dates

Today Turn in your Senior pictures
May 1 Deadline for all Senior headshots for the worship folder
Deadline for all "history" pictures for the Reception Slide Show
June 2 Senior Recognition Day
If you have any questions, email your campus contact:
ChampionsNorth KleinConroeJersey Village